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The Republic Will Stand

Why there won’t be a Trump- or Brexit-style surprise in the French election.

April 21 2017 4:23 PMJe Ne Sais Quoi?An ignorant American’s guide to the French election.
April 10 2017 5:35 PMHow Are Assad and Kim Still in Power?The two men control a very small amount of the world but command a very large amount of its attention.
April 3 2017 1:09 PMBunga Bunga, American StyleDonald Trump and Silvio Berlusconi have a lot more in common than fake tans and lechery.
Feb. 27 2017 12:16 PMWhen the Magic Is GoneFrance’s directly-elected president is the most powerful head of state in Europe. In the age of Le Pen, is that still a good idea?
Jan. 30 2017 6:13 PMThe Refugees I Met in Kurdistan Were Not ThreatsThey were victims.
Jan. 20 2017 2:08 PM“We Are Evidently Aryans”Why Italian fascists embraced Hitler’s anti-Semitism.
Dec. 22 2016 5:01 PMTrump’s China-Bashing IdDoes the president-elect’s newly appointed trade czar have a plan other than blaming China for everything?
Nov. 18 2016 4:59 PMRepublic of DisappointmentWhy South Koreans are let down again and again by their leaders.
Nov. 16 2016 8:13 AMWhy America Needs MexicoWant to make America great again? It can’t happen without help from south of the border.
Nov. 2 2016 10:15 AMThe Apprentice: Chechen EditionThe strongman ruler of Chechnya is taking a cue from The Donald in his new reality show.
Sept. 29 2016 11:35 AMDon’t Cry for Me, AmericaForget the wall. Donald Trump’s appeal is textbook Latin American populism.
July 19 2016 1:57 PMThe Tragedy of Qandeel BalochThe Pakistani social media star gave voice to a generation of women.
July 15 2016 7:47 AMThe Vicious Cycle of French TerrorismAttacks create anti-Muslims sentiments that lead to radicalization that increases the risk of attacks.
June 29 2016 2:26 PMISIS Is Pushing Turkey in the Wrong DirectionThe spate of terror attacks is a blow to hopes for reform.
June 27 2016 4:53 PMLabour’s Love’s LostHow accidental leader Jeremy Corbyn got left behind in the age of accidental politics.
April 17 2017 5:53 AMJustin Trudeau Is Not the Leader of the Free WorldSorry Americans, Canada’s prime minister isn’t really standing up to Trump.
April 5 2017 10:15 AMWhy Trump Should Play the Human Rights Card With XiIgnoring the Chinese government’s abuses isn’t just immoral: It’s a bad negotiating tactic.
March 30 2017 5:53 AMWhat They Knew, and When They Knew ItNew emails reveal just how soon American officials realized the U.N. had brought cholera to Haiti. What they did next helped pave the way for Trump.
Jan. 31 2017 4:59 AMFrance’s FergusonThe death of a black man in police custody has touched off a cultural crisis over race, immigration, and what it means to be French.
Jan. 30 2017 4:27 PMConfronting Chairman TrumpWith the United States embracing revolutionary chaos, China is positioning itself as the adult in the room.
Jan. 2 2017 8:00 PMRussia ResurgentOur old rival was supposed to be a power of the past. How Vladimir Putin engineered his nation’s return to the world stage—and what he’ll do next.
Dec. 7 2016 9:15 AMRevolution InterruptedBetween Fidel’s departure and Trump’s arrival, everything is up for grabs in Cuba.
Nov. 18 2016 5:54 AMCan El Chapo Escape Again?The world’s most notorious drug lord has one last chance to save his empire, and his life.
Nov. 11 2016 7:04 AMDon’t Let President Trump Keep You From Working for the GovernmentWe need our best and brightest to enter the civil and foreign services.
Oct. 18 2016 8:00 AMYemen Isn’t Just a Proxy War Between Saudi Arabia and IranIt’s as much about an old dictator trying to keep his replacement out of power.
Sept. 28 2016 11:12 AMShimon Peres Transformed Israel—and Himself—in His Final ActIsrael’s last founding father will be remembered for his optimism.
July 18 2016 7:31 PMErdogan’s CoupThe failure of the uprising against him will allow him to make the country more Islamic and more repressive.
June 29 2016 5:52 PMTurkey’s in a Terrible SpotGeography makes the country a valuable partner for the West. It also makes it vulnerable.
June 28 2016 4:30 PMWhy Brexit Is Tearing British Politics ApartAn extremely detailed guide to the U.K.’s total breakdown.
June 26 2016 7:57 PMHow Much Worse Can Venezuela Get?The country’s problems are profound and complex, with no easy answers in sight.