Sept. 19 2013 7:26 PMRussia’s Empire Strikes BackVladimir Putin’s empire-building has little to do with Russia’s interests. It’s all about what’s good for him and his cronies.
Sept. 11 2013 3:05 PMThe Other 9/11Before the 2001 terrorist attacks, Chile experienced its own Sept. 11 tragedy. Forty years later, Chileans are still divided over the legacy of that day.
Sept. 10 2013 11:55 AMSyria’s First FamilyAn illustrated guide to the Assad clan. How long can it cling to power?
Sept. 2 2013 11:15 AMFrom Russia, with RadiationKazakhstan’s steppe was ground zero for the Soviet Union’s atomic bomb. What does a nuclear wasteland look like? Wyoming.
Aug. 28 2013 5:21 PMWhat Egypt Is LosingAnd what can’t be taken away.
Aug. 28 2013 5:50 AMThe Imperial CocktailHow the gin and tonic became the British Empire’s secret weapon.
Aug. 23 2013 2:30 PMAmerica’s True Ally in EgyptThe United States should stand up for democracy, not the players on the ground.
Aug. 20 2013 2:29 PMA Loss of FaithAs Egypt erupts, the country’s Christians are being targeted and their churches reduced to rubble. Who is to blame?
Aug. 19 2013 2:06 PMEverything Was PossibleTwo years ago, as Egyptians, we had incredible dreams for our country’s future. How did it come to this?
Aug. 14 2013 8:50 PMLost in EgyptPresident Obama has no influence with Egypt’s generals. It’s time the administration admits it—and speaks a language the generals understand.
Aug. 2 2013 11:11 AM“The Army Is on the Edge”Mohamed ElBaradei calls for reconciliation before the violence in Egypt’s streets spirals out of control.
July 25 2013 8:01 PMThe Reckless AgitatorGen. Sisi is willing to plunge Egypt into chaos for his own personal power and legitimacy.
July 11 2013 8:00 PMStreet Protests Are the Easy PartIn Brazil, Egypt, and Turkey, it will be much harder to turn those marches and rallies into genuine change.
July 4 2013 12:42 PMEgypt’s Reluctant RulersThe country’s generals didn’t want to oust Morsi. They just want someone who can keep Egypt stable—and guarantee their perks and privileges.
June 24 2013 5:30 AMA House DividedWhy the students at one prominent South African university, once a model of racial harmony, chose to resegregate.
Sept. 16 2013 5:30 AM10 Reasons U.S. Influence Has Fallen in the Middle EastAnd the United States appears to be a blundering and dangerous giant.
Sept. 10 2013 6:19 PMDazed and ConfusedIf your foreign policy has to be rescued by a dictator, you are doing it wrong.
Sept. 6 2013 8:30 AMThe Real Problem With Obama’s Syria PolicyThe president fails to understand how his words are interpreted around the world.
Aug. 29 2013 12:09 PMI Led a NATO Invasion of SyriaThis is what I learned.
Aug. 28 2013 1:54 PMThe Case for Doing Nothing in SyriaBombing is risky, illegal, and unlikely to help.
Aug. 27 2013 5:22 PMCan an American Sex Toy Magnate Persuade Pakistanis to Use a Condom?Phil Harvey will certainly try, even if it means making people blush.
Aug. 21 2013 7:01 PMThe World Won’t Wait for ObamaThe Middle East’s autocrats are taking every inch President Obama gives them.
Aug. 19 2013 3:36 PM“The Terrorism Is Starting”Egypt is tearing itself apart, as both sides view themselves as victims in the fight of their life.
Aug. 19 2013 1:27 PMThe United Nations’ Shameful History in Haiti“Cholera is a crime against humanity!”
Aug. 3 2013 11:00 AM“You Turned Your Back on the Egyptians”Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s top general, has stern words for the United States.
July 26 2013 1:00 PMOur Stifling Strategy for SyriaAmerica’s approach to the war-torn country lacks creativity, initiative, and almost any international leadership. 
July 23 2013 5:19 PMThe Hubbub Over HezbollahWhy did it take Europe 30 years to call the movement a terrorist organization?
July 9 2013 6:29 PMIs Egypt’s Revolution Over?It was always going to be hard. Now the window for democracy is closing fast.
June 26 2013 10:55 AMThe Cold War Is BackEdward Snowden’s long layover reminds us that Russia is not an ally.
June 20 2013 5:41 PM“If You Work Together, You Start Understanding Each Other”An interview with Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett.