Jan. 9 2014 5:40 PM“I Was My Own Person Again”The women of Pussy Riot made meaning out of a horrific experience in prison. Now, they’re launching another protest movement in Russia.
Dec. 27 2013 11:30 AMThe Return of HistoryWe are not locked in a new Cold War, but China and Russia are bringing back Cold War tactics.
Dec. 12 2013 8:49 PM“They Are Incompetent”Tunisia’s secular opposition leader Beji Caid Essebsi on why the Islamists must go.
Dec. 8 2013 7:57 PM“I Started This Struggle 35 Years Ago”Why Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan may have the world’s toughest job.
Dec. 2 2013 10:54 PMOrange CrushWhy Viktor Yanukovich may not survive this revolution.
Nov. 28 2013 8:00 PMChicken KievVladimir Putin cowed the Ukrainian government with sticks and carrots the EU can’t match.
Nov. 13 2013 5:09 PMWhy America’s Critics Will Miss the U.S. SuperpowerFor all of its faults, no one comes to the world’s aid like the United States.
Nov. 6 2013 11:51 PMOnward Christian SoldiersInside the shadowy network of front companies Christian missionaries use to spread the gospel in North Korea.
Oct. 31 2013 6:01 PMWhy Did the NSA Tap Angela Merkel’s Cellphone?Because it could. And that isn’t reason enough.
Oct. 24 2013 11:23 PM“Welcome to the Wonderful, Wacko World of the Former Government”Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott takes a swing at his predecessors.
Oct. 17 2013 9:51 PM“We Need Stable Markets”An interview with Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta.
Oct. 8 2013 12:11 PMThe High SeasHow a high school-educated drug smuggler built a fleet of submarines—in the middle of the jungle—to ferry cocaine to the United States.
Oct. 2 2013 3:42 PMThe GOP’s Tantrum Is Bad for America’s CredibilityAspiring democracies look to the U.S. as a role model, but the shutdown makes us look silly.
Sept. 26 2013 11:19 AM“We Are Not Wedded to Anyone in Syria”An interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
Sept. 19 2013 7:26 PMRussia’s Empire Strikes BackVladimir Putin’s empire-building has little to do with Russia’s interests. It’s all about what’s good for him and his cronies.
Jan. 8 2014 8:01 PMIt’s Hard to Reform Corrupt Democracies. Here’s Why.
Dec. 19 2013 7:26 PMPutin, SnubbedThe Russian leader may release Mikhail Khodorkovsky to distract attention from Western leaders’ decision to skip his Olympics.
Dec. 12 2013 3:55 PMThe Arab Spring’s Last HopeAn interview with Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of Tunisia’s largest political party.
Dec. 6 2013 8:00 PMIf South Africans Want to Honor Mandela, They Should Vote for Someone Outside His Party
Nov. 29 2013 10:45 AMA Century of Soccer MigrationA fun map of player transfers.
Nov. 14 2013 3:54 PMDon’t Get Upset When Relief Organizations Use Your Donations for OverheadYou’re still helping victims and saving lives.
Nov. 11 2013 11:52 AMPlease Don’t Send Your Old Shoes to the PhilippinesSurvivors of Typhoon Haiyan need your help. But send money, not your hand-me-downs.
Nov. 4 2013 8:00 PM“I Don’t Know If [Obama] Gets It”Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki on the kingdom’s disappointment in President Obama.
Oct. 29 2013 11:52 PM“A Night of Sheer Hell”An eyewitness account of the Benghazi siege that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.
Oct. 24 2013 12:01 PMNowhere to GoNearly 10 percent of Syrians are now refugees in their own ravaged country or in neighboring countries ill-equipped to help them.
Oct. 16 2013 6:16 PMThe Iran We KnowIt’s fine to hold nuclear talks with Tehran. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that Iran has changed its ways. 

Oct. 7 2013 8:25 PMDark Clouds Over the SinaiThe military’s brutal North Sinai campaign is targeting civilians and militants alike.
Sept. 28 2013 12:35 AMNeville Chamberlain Was RightThe maligned British prime minister did what we would want any responsible leader to do.
Sept. 23 2013 2:30 PMThe Empress of EuropeAngela Merkel is dull, frumpy, and uncharismatic—and that may be exactly why Germans have re-elected her chancellor for the third time.
Sept. 16 2013 5:30 AM10 Reasons U.S. Influence Has Fallen in the Middle EastAnd the United States appears to be a blundering and dangerous giant.