June 15 2014 11:03 PMRed Guard ReunionMao nearly destroyed their lives, but the class of 1967 still can’t criticize the icon.
June 12 2014 8:00 PMDemocracy’s Last World Cup?The cost and corruption that come with the games make them appealing to dictators, not democracies.
May 30 2014 1:40 PMA Tale of Two EuropesUkraine is desperate to escape what Europe’s far-right wants to become. 
May 15 2014 8:00 PMDictatorship DoublespeakWhy the authoritarian critique of Western democracy misses the mark.
May 2 2014 3:37 PMPutin the PredictableThe Russian leader follows a consistent strategy. First he condemns. Then he copies.
May 1 2014 1:26 PMWhy Does Erykah Badu Perform for Dictators?
April 28 2014 5:59 PMWhy Fear Boko HaramThe Nigerian militant group abducted 234 teenage girls two weeks ago. That’s just the beginning.
April 24 2014 5:13 PM“The Primary Task Is to Survive”An interview with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
April 17 2014 6:46 PMPutin Went on TV for Four Hours and Lied
April 9 2014 5:16 PMWhere Were We When Rwanda Needed Us Most?An aid worker reflects on how the war-torn country was failed by those who promised to save it.
April 6 2014 7:30 AMUnreconciled RwandaTwenty years after the genocide, the country has made tremendous progress. But how much can survivors forgive murderers?
April 2 2014 10:11 AMHow My Parents Accidentally Got Caught Up in the Iranian RevolutionAnd almost stayed longer than anyone should.
March 26 2014 11:56 AMMuscle TovIsraeli business leaders are pushing Netanyahu to cut a peace deal. Will he listen?
March 20 2014 8:00 PMRussia Will Never Be Like UsWe’ve spent 20 years trying to make it a Western country. Bad idea.
March 17 2014 1:06 PMWhy Putin Wants Us to Believe He’s CrazyThe Russian president is more likely to get what he wants if we think he’s off his rocker.
June 13 2014 11:06 AMThe State of TerrorWe think of terrorist outfits like ISIS as nonstate actors. But what happens when terrorists carve themselves a state?
June 2 2014 5:03 PMWhat Israel Can Teach Us About BergdahlIsrael swaps thousands of Palestinian prisoners to get back captive soldiers. Here is the price it pays for those exchanges. 
May 22 2014 1:26 PMUkraine’s Zombie RevolutionThe Donetsk People’s Republic is a Soviet zombie state propped up within Ukraine’s borders.
May 9 2014 5:18 PM“In This Very Dangerous World, You Have to Be Strong”An interview with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
May 1 2014 8:01 PMSanctioning WeaknessThe West can no longer afford to be reactive and tardy in its strategic thinking.
April 30 2014 2:58 PM“The Russian Threat Is a Reality”An interview with Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean.
April 25 2014 9:01 AM“This Is a Fight for Ukrainian Freedom”An interview with leading Ukrainian presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko.
April 18 2014 1:37 PM“The Risks Are Enormous”Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski on Putin’s reckless course.
April 16 2014 6:10 PMPutin’s New Kind of WarForget D-Day or “shock and awe.” The Kremlin is reinventing invasions with thugs, criminals, and lies.
April 8 2014 11:22 AMFinding the Man Who Saved My FamilyHe rescued us from a Balkan death camp 20 years ago. I found him in my apartment in Queens.
April 3 2014 9:34 PMThe Arab Spring’s One Bright SpotAn interview with Tunisia’s interim prime minister, Mehdi Jomaa.
March 28 2014 8:00 PMRussia’s Anti-Western Rhetoric Is SpreadingAnd President Obama is wrong to ignore it.
March 21 2014 11:51 AMCrimea Is Putin’s RevengeOn March 24, 1999, the U.S. bombed Kosovo. Putin has been planning his payback ever since.
March 20 2014 5:05 PMMapping CrimeaHow we map the Crimean Peninsula may determine its destiny.
March 16 2014 5:58 PMThe Malaysia Airlines Pilot’s PoliticsZaharie Ahmad Shah supported Anwar Ibrahim. That’s common sense, not zealotry.