Aug. 21 2014 4:07 PMNever Pay a RansomWe shouldn’t play by ISIS’s rules.
Aug. 15 2014 12:38 PMThe Putin Military DoctrineHe wins by lying.
Aug. 8 2014 8:00 PMWar and McPeaceRussia’s ban on Western imports exposes the myth that global trade could end global conflict.
Aug. 6 2014 5:36 PMIsrael’s BindRelax the blockade, and Gazans might credit Hamas. Keep the blockade, and Gazans might erupt.
Aug. 1 2014 2:00 PMGaza’s Worst Day Yet5 consequences from Hamas capturing an Israeli soldier, and the one slim hope things could get better.
July 30 2014 5:23 PMAn Evil WindWill the Americans and Europeans flocking to ISIS return as hardened terrorists?
July 26 2014 12:18 PMThe Week in PhotosA spotlight on the aftermath of MH17 and the conflict in Gaza.
July 24 2014 6:43 PMPutin’s PalStephen Cohen was once considered a top Russia historian. Now he publishes odd defenses of Vladimir Putin. The Nation just published his most outrageous one yet.
July 23 2014 5:47 PMPutin Isn’t PanickingThe Flight 17 disaster is just one misstep in the Russian president’s wider war on the West.
July 18 2014 1:00 PMThe End of the Russian Fairy TaleThe downing of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane has exposed the chaos in Ukraine as a real war. 
July 11 2014 8:00 PMWelcome to Free KievAs Russia becomes more oppressive, émigrés are seeking refuge in Ukraine’s capital.
June 18 2014 11:54 PMThe Trouble With “Breakout Capacity”How a widely misunderstood term could doom the Iran nuclear negotiations.
June 13 2014 11:06 AMThe State of TerrorWe think of terrorist outfits like ISIS as nonstate actors. But what happens when terrorists carve themselves a state?
June 2 2014 5:03 PMWhat Israel Can Teach Us About BergdahlIsrael swaps thousands of Palestinian prisoners to get back captive soldiers. Here is the price it pays for those exchanges. 
May 22 2014 1:26 PMUkraine’s Zombie RevolutionThe Donetsk People’s Republic is a Soviet zombie state propped up within Ukraine’s borders.
Aug. 19 2014 12:00 PMWill Obama Allow Mission Creep in Iraq?There are some small signs that he already is.
Aug. 10 2014 6:30 AMWhat Israel Must Do NowThe Gaza War is a dead end. Here’s how Israel can make something out of it.
Aug. 7 2014 7:14 AMCan Colombia Find Peace?An interview with President Juan Manuel Santos on the eve of his second inauguration.
Aug. 4 2014 5:00 PMThe Horrific Results of Israel’s Good IntentionsHow a civilized nation can descend into war crimes.
July 31 2014 12:43 PM12 Signs It’s Time to Get Out of GazaOperation Protective Edge needs to end.
July 28 2014 8:05 PMGaza’s NetherworldLower Gaza is holding Upper Gaza hostage. It’s time to end the ordeal.
July 25 2014 9:30 PMRussia’s Corrupt Chokehold on EuropeHow Russia uses its money and energy muscle to keep Europe weak and divided.
July 24 2014 6:11 PMIsrael’s Media BlackoutWhy aren’t Israeli journalists questioning their military’s devastation in Gaza?
July 23 2014 12:36 PMI Do Not Want to Be a NumberThe missiles raining on Gaza are reducing once beautiful lives to no more than digits. It happens in an instant, and the thought drives you mad.
July 15 2014 12:06 PMWhy I Object to Israel’s Military CampaignEven as Hamas fires missiles at my city.
July 9 2014 1:59 PMGaza, AgainThe current Hamas–Israel battle will end like all the others.
June 15 2014 11:03 PMRed Guard ReunionMao nearly destroyed their lives, but the class of 1967 still can’t criticize the icon.
June 12 2014 8:00 PMDemocracy’s Last World Cup?The cost and corruption that come with the games make them appealing to dictators, not democracies.
May 30 2014 1:40 PMA Tale of Two EuropesUkraine is desperate to escape what Europe’s far-right wants to become. 
May 15 2014 8:00 PMDictatorship DoublespeakWhy the authoritarian critique of Western democracy misses the mark.