Nov. 18 2014 4:00 AMSlate Voice: “Russia Gets Religion”From Moscow, Josh Keating reports on a religious revival in Putin’s Russia.
Nov. 13 2014 5:09 PMDistrust and VerifyWhy Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s obstacles to a nuclear deal are surprisingly similar to President Obama’s.
Nov. 11 2014 5:48 PMRussia Gets ReligionIs Vladimir Putin trying to build a new Orthodox empire?
Nov. 7 2014 12:56 PM“The Japan-U.S. Alliance Is the Cornerstone of Japanese Diplomacy and Foreign Relations”An interview with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Oct. 24 2014 2:46 PM“In the End, We Should Be Able to Defend Ourselves by Ourselves”An interview with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon.
Oct. 20 2014 6:49 PMGod’s OligarchOne of Vladimir Putin’s favorite businessmen wants to start an Orthodox Christian Fox News and return Russia to its glorious czarist past.
Oct. 9 2014 10:28 AMCapturing the NewsPresident Erdogan’s new style of media censorship is less brutal—and much more effective.
Oct. 3 2014 8:00 PMForeign IntrigueWhy dictatorships can’t believe in spontaneity.
Oct. 1 2014 6:41 PMThe World’s Politest ProtestersThe Occupy Central demonstrators are courteous. That’s actually what makes them so dangerous.
Sept. 29 2014 3:59 PMAmazing Images From Hong Kong’s Umbrella RevolutionHong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters take to the streets, with firm grips on their rights and their umbrellas. 
Sept. 25 2014 9:26 PMHow Mexico Has Reduced Its Murder Rate by 29 PercentAn interview with President Enrique Peña Nieto.
Sept. 23 2014 6:40 PMCoalition of the PresentableDon’t believe the official version. Meet America’s real allies in the fight against ISIS.
Sept. 16 2014 4:08 PMMore Than Scottish PrideScotland’s referendum isn’t about nationalism. It’s about a system that failed, and a new generation looking to take a chance on itself. 
Sept. 2 2014 5:52 PMWhy Israel Is No Better Than RussiaIt’s using the same twisted arguments to rationalize its illegal land grab in the West Bank.
Aug. 29 2014 12:31 PMWar in EuropePutin has invaded Ukraine. Is it hysterical to prepare for total war with Russia? Or is it naive not to?
Nov. 14 2014 8:00 PMWhy Germans Want to Change the SubjectThey’d rather debate the future of processed food than acknowledge Putin’s military aggression.
Nov. 13 2014 11:54 AMWhite FlightAmerica’s white supremacists are ignored at home. So they are looking to start over with a little help from Europe’s far right.
Nov. 11 2014 11:14 AMWould an Iranian Nuclear Deal Be Good for Human Rights?Maybe. But a breakdown in talks could usher in another brutal crackdown.
Oct. 31 2014 4:00 PM“We Are Here”The new Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a testament to people everywhere who have fought to exist.
Oct. 23 2014 3:47 PMUkraine’s Slow Descent Into MadnessWhile it fights rebels in the east, Kiev is beginning to crumble from the inside.
Oct. 17 2014 3:35 PMDon’t Accept Putin’s Version of HistoryThe West didn’t provoke Russia. It gave it more credit than it deserved.
Oct. 3 2014 10:23 PMA Suicide PactISIS’s beheading videos have done nothing but mobilize the West for war.
Oct. 2 2014 3:30 PMBe Afraid, Be Just a Little AfraidIs it possible that ISIS’s Western recruits could attack America? Of course, but the danger is being blown out of proportion.
Sept. 29 2014 10:00 PM“Everything Must Change in Italy”An interview with Italian Prime Minster Matteo Renzi.
Sept. 29 2014 8:03 AM“The West Has Been in a State of Shock”An interview with Estonian President Toomas Ilves.
Sept. 24 2014 8:00 PM“Why Are We So Busy Trying Not to Offend Putin?”An interview with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.
Sept. 19 2014 1:56 PMScotland’s Attack on the Status QuoExpect more political earthquakes across Europe.
Sept. 3 2014 7:37 PMThe ISIS Atrocities We Can’t ForgetThe best way to honor James Foley and Steven Sotloff is to remember the thousands ISIS has murdered, and to stop them from killing thousands more.
Sept. 1 2014 11:45 PMClose Your HeartThe Central African Republic’s sectarian civil war has divided a once peaceful nation, and pitted brother against brother.
Aug. 22 2014 8:00 PMObama Should Lead a New NATOIt’s the best way for him to leave a meaningful foreign policy legacy.