Fixing It
Fixing It

Fixing It

Slate's series on how to repair some of the worst Bush administration screw-ups.

April 4 2008 1:59 PMThe EconomyRethink taxes, revisit the home-mortgage deduction, regulate the investment banks and hedge funds.
April 3 2008 6:58 AMHealth Care PolicyDo it first, don't write a bill, and let someone else take the credit.
April 2 2008 7:12 AMThe Laws in WartimeBoost trust, Close Guantanamo, and establish a national-security court.
April 1 2008 8:10 AMEducationFixing education policy.
March 30 2008 10:46 PMForeign PolicyWhat it will take to heal U.S. diplomacy.
April 4 2008 7:35 AMFiscal PolicyFully account for the budget, stick to the budget, and work with the other party.
April 3 2008 6:58 AMThe EnvironmentRefocusing on the environmental crisis.
April 2 2008 7:11 AMThe Presidency End the war on terror as a legal paradigm, abolish military commissions, and restore FISA.
April 1 2008 8:09 AMTech PolicyJump-starting our tech policy.
March 31 2008 7:12 AMThe MilitaryHow to fix the U.S. military.