Updates on our project to fix up the Slate message boards.

Help rebuild Slate's aging message boards.
May 31 2007 3:22 PM

Fix-the-Fray Blog

Updates on our project to repair the Slate message boards.

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The Fray has been shut down and will remain off-line through the weekend. On Monday, we'll launch a new and much-improved version.

Scroll down this page for more details on our project to fix the Fray.

—Daniel Engber


May 31, 2007

OK, slight change of plans: Instead of launching the new Fray tomorrow, we're going to wait until Monday, June 4. In preparation for the switch, we'll shut down the old one at some point on Thursday, May 31. That means we won't have any message boards at all from Thursday through Sunday. Come Monday morning, you'll be able to pop right into your favorite discussion areas in the new system. (Remember, the message archives will be off-line for a week or two while we work on getting them up into a read-only format.)

—Daniel Engber

We're almost done: The old Fray will shut down on May 29, and the new Fray will open for business on May 30. We've told you quite a bit about what will change and what will stay the same. And we've asked you to start reserving your usernames for the launch.

But we haven't yet addressed the fate of the old Fray. Will the archived posts be integrated into the new system? Will they be kept around for reference, as part of a read-only version of the old Fray? Or will they disappear altogether?