First Mates
First Mates

… or for Worse

Why American politicians have such rotten marriages.

April 14 2008 7:29 AMFor Better or for WorseWhy the Clintons will stay married, win or lose.
Dec. 21 2007 7:26 AMOne for the Price of TwoWhy Elizabeth Edwards isn't Hillary Clinton.
Oct. 29 2007 7:31 AMThe Obama MarriageWhat it could mean for his presidency.
Oct. 26 2007 10:14 AMFirst MatesIntroducing a new Slate series about the marriages of the presidential candidates.
Jan. 29 2008 2:46 PMShoots Bear, Submits to HusbandThe fascinating marriage of Mike and Janet Huckabee.
Dec. 20 2007 3:34 PMElizabeth and the Big HouseInside the Edwards marriage.
Oct. 26 2007 10:14 AMThe Obama MarriageHow does it work for Michelle Obama?