Sticking up for Saddam.

Sticking up for Saddam.

Sticking up for Saddam.

A wartime lexicon.
Dec. 1 2005 5:51 PM

Sticking Up for Saddam

Ramsey Clark admits that his client is guilty.

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This is a nice twist on the self-regarding "Not In Our Name" slogan under which the anti-war movement filled the streets to hear speeches from Saddam sympathizers, Fidel and Kim groupies, and Islamic fundamentalists. Not really anti-war at all, but pro-war on the other side. It was more like a single standard if you ask me, but let's put this to the test.

So, how about it, Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore and Tim Robbins and all the rest of you? Do you need any prompting to say what you think? Or is the only crime scene to be found in the Downing Street memo and the identifying of a CIA bureaucrat? We know what Clark is made of: What about you? I meanwhile shall recline, happy in the knowledge that Saddam Hussein has engaged the services of an attorney who proclaims him to be guilty as charged.


Correction, Dec. 2, 2005: This article originally and incorrectly stated that Dr. Benjamin Spock, Marcus Raskin, and their alleged co-conspirators were acquitted of the charges Ramsey Clark brought against them. In fact, only Raskin was acquitted. Spock and three others were convicted, though those convictions were subsequently overturned by a higher court. Return to the corrected sentence.

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