Fighting Words
Fighting Words
Nov. 13 2011 1:06 AMBecause Our Fathers Lied
Remembering our veterans and reflecting on the glorious ambiguity of Rudyard Kipling's war poetry.
Oct. 24 2011 7:08 AMWhat Will They Think of Next?Why the crazy Iranian plot to pay Mexicans to kill the Saudi ambassador isn’t so implausible.
Oct. 17 2011 11:05 AMRomney’s Mormon ProblemMitt Romney and the weird and sinister beliefs of Mormonism.
Oct. 3 2011 1:49 PMCitizen EnemiesThose who protest the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki have to say what they would have done instead.
Sept. 19 2011 2:19 PMIn Defense of Endless WarAs 9/11 showed, civilization has enemies with which peace is neither possible nor desirable.
Sept. 14 2011 12:27 AMWine Drinkers of the World, UniteYou have nothing to lose but inflated bills and interrupted anecdotes
Aug. 29 2011 11:19 AMRick Perry's GodDoes the Texas governor believe his idiotic religious rhetoric, or is he just pandering for votes?
Aug. 18 2011 12:46 PMBritons Have Been Violent and Cruel for GenerationsStill, England has not yet collapsed into a nightmare of destruction and despair.
July 24 2011 6:36 PMA Ridiculous Rapid ResponseWhy did so many "experts" declare the Oslo attacks to be the work of Islamic terrorists?
July 11 2011 12:13 PMScandal SheetsIn Britain, the Guardian takes on Rupert Murdoch's cynical view of what newspaper readers want to read.
June 29 2011 12:45 PMHas Bachmann Met Her Waterloo?The old parochialism meets the not-so-new isolationism in Michele Bachmann.
June 6 2011 11:00 AMAnatomy of a ScandalHow Anthony Weiner and John Edwards lost control of their private parts.
May 23 2011 5:51 PMWant To Stop Nuclear Proliferation? Encourage Democracy.Ignore the shady people promoting sinister theories to the contrary.
May 9 2011 2:36 PMChomsky's FolliesThe professor's pronouncements about Osama Bin Laden are stupid and ignorant.
April 25 2011 12:37 PMGo After QaddafiStop worrying about an "exit strategy." What America needs in Libya is an entrance strategy.
Nov. 7 2011 12:51 PMHerman and HamidWhy is it so hard to speak honestly about allegations of sexual harassment or our corrupt ally in Afghanistan?
Oct. 21 2011 11:07 AMThe New Libya’s First MistakeMuammar Qaddafi should not have been killed, and his surviving son should be captured.
Oct. 10 2011 11:28 AMLord Haw Haw and Anwar al-AwlakiWhat the execution of a World War II traitor can teach us about assassinating American-born terrorists.
Sept. 26 2011 11:33 AMPakistan Is the EnemyWe know that Pakistan's intelligence service is aiding terrorists. What are we going to do about it?
Sept. 19 2011 1:06 PMThe You DecadeThere's a new narcissistic pronoun in town.
Sept. 5 2011 10:12 AMSimply EvilA decade after 9/11, it remains the best description and most essential fact about al-Qaida.
Aug. 25 2011 2:09 PMThe Crimes of Col. QaddafiIn the euphoria of the current celebrations, we must not lose sight of the former leader's foul deeds.
Aug. 1 2011 11:32 AMThe End of the Kemalist AffairWhen was the last time a conservative NATO army pushed out its highest-ranking officers?
July 21 2011 2:27 PMWhat Will Rupert Think?The British political class may stop asking the one question that has obsessed it for decades.
July 4 2011 11:03 AMBoat PeopleSome questions for the "activists" aboard the Gaza flotilla.
June 13 2011 12:29 PMThe Last of the Scholar WarriorsFarewell to Patrick Leigh Fermor and his extraordinary generation.
May 30 2011 12:48 PMMladic the MonsterOur failure to respond to the Serbian atrocities prolonged the slaughter.
May 18 2011 11:37 AMBeaucoup B.S.The DSK case and the silly stereotypes about American and European morals.
May 2 2011 10:30 AMDeath of a MadmanWhat Obama does next will help define the legacy of Osama Bin Laden.
April 11 2011 10:35 AMAfrica's Worst DictatorHow has Robert Mugabe been able to rule Zimbabwe for so long?