Fascism Today: Where Are We Now?

In the final episode, our Slate Academy tries to determine how historical examples of fascism help us understand the present.

March 17 2017 5:05 PMBritain and the U.S.: It Could Have Happened HereIn the fifth episode, our Slate Academy looks at the small, but significant, fascist movements that took root in the U.S. and Britain.
Feb. 17 2017 2:06 PMRomania: Bloody, Mystical Fascism From the EastThe third episode of our Slate Academy asks if the experience of Romania changes our understanding of fascism’s origins.
Jan. 20 2017 1:37 PMItaly: Fascism’s Violent BirthThe first episode of our new Slate Academy asks what fascism means and examines the rise and fall of Mussolini.
March 3 2017 3:42 PMGermany: Fascism’s Terrible ApogeeWith the fourth episode, our Slate Academy arrives at the fascism that looms above all others.
Feb. 3 2017 12:15 PMSpain: An Influential OutlierThe second episode of Fascism: A Slate Academy asks how a fringe movement got folded into a 40-year dictatorship.