The Explainer questions we never answered in 2008.

Answers to your questions about the news.
Dec. 17 2008 6:57 AM

The Questions We Never Answered in 2008

Digging through the bottom of the Explainer mailbag.

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•  I am an 11-year-old boy and girls in my class harass me constantly and I want to file a restraining order against one of them. Is that possible?

•  It is a common baseball prank to give someone a cream pie in the face during a TV interview. Where do these cream pies come from? Do baseball teams keep cream pies in the dugout?


•  Why don't humans have a mating season?

•  When and why did the Communist Chinese change the name of their capital "PEKING" to Bazging? Sorry, I don't know how it is spelled. Thank you.

•  My toaster identifies which of the two slots should be used for making a single slice of toast. Why does it make a difference which slot I use?

•  If one gets a personal e-mail from a very famous or important person, such as the president, or the queen of England, or the Pope, or Paul McCartney, can that e-mail have monetary value? I guess not. It's just an electronic transmission on a screen. There's no original. There's no way to buy or sell it. Seems a shame tho.

•  Does indoor tanning hurt your tits if you have had a breast silicone implant put in for over 30 years?

•  Why do all of the deli guys and food cart guys call me "Boss" (well, me and everyone else)?

•  I live in Washington, D.C., and we have very long escalators coming out of the Metro. If I grabbed the handrail when I first step onto the escalator and did not let go until I was at the top, my body would be almost prostrate across the steps. As I go higher on the escalator, I have to readjust the hand that is grabbing the rubber handrail. Why can't the companies that make escalators sync the steps and the handrails so that they go the same speed?

•  If you were on a boat, what signs do sharks give if they are hungry and will attack versus if they just want to swim around the boat?