What happens to the babies who used to be in limbo?

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April 23 2007 6:59 PM

The End of Limbo

What happens to all the babies who used to be there?

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Correction s, April 25, 2007: The original version asserted that biblical figures like Noah and Moses live in Dante's limbo. The work states that they were lifted from limbo to heaven by Jesus Christ. (Return to the corrected sentence.) The original version also said that Presbyterian, Baptist, and German and Dutch reformed traditions believe in predestination. Baptists do not; only the most conservative Presbyterians and German and Dutch reformed traditions do. (Return to the corrected sentence.)

Correction, May 1, 2007: The original version said that the Roman Catholic Church can never be wrong. The doctrine of "infallibility" applies only in certain contexts. (Return to the corrected sentence.)

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