July 17 2013 2:43 PMWhy Do We Drink Lemonade When It’s Hot Out?The role of acidity in quenching thirst.
July 15 2013 3:02 PMHow Gross Is the Water That Drips From Air Conditioners?It's like rain on a summer evening.
July 11 2013 3:41 PMHey, You! Get off of My Cloud!How much of the airspace above your home do you own?
July 9 2013 1:37 PMDo Airlines Retire Flight Numbers After Crashes?Asiana Flight 214 is still flying between Seoul and San Francisco.
July 2 2013 2:57 PMWhat’s Life Like in an Airport Transit Zone?Where does Edward Snowden sleep? Can he get a Cinnabon?
June 26 2013 3:09 PMA Rainbow MarriageHow did the rainbow become a symbol of gay pride?
June 25 2013 4:03 PMHow Does SCOTUS Schedule Its Decisions?Do the justices save the big cases for last to create suspense?
June 19 2013 2:29 PMWhich Is Safer: City Streets or Prison?Prison.
June 17 2013 2:19 PMSurprised by the StorkThe realization that you’re pregnant sometimes comes at the same time the baby does.
June 13 2013 3:53 PMWhat Happens When You Defy a Secret Government Order?You have a secret trial and pay a secret fine.
June 11 2013 1:22 PMShould Edward Snowden Have Had a Security Clearance?Everyone knew he advocated online privacy.
June 7 2013 11:55 AMThe Geneva SuspensionStaff Sgt. Robert Bales killed 16 Afghan civilians. Why wasn’t he charged with war crimes?
June 5 2013 3:28 PMWhy Are Roses the Most Famous Flower?We could just as easily have a White House Petunia Garden, right?
June 3 2013 4:06 PMCan Oral Sex Cause Oral Cancer?A public health announcement from Michael Douglas.
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July 15 2013 3:00 PMWhy Are Air Conditioners So Heavy?It's the copper.
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May 28 2013 5:51 PMEmergency Exit Doors on Airplanes Are Locked?They don’t say that in the safety video!