Osama Bin Laden dead: U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan respond to the news.

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May 3 2011 5:26 PM

"We're Still Going To Be Here"

Osama Bin Laden is dead, but for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, the war continues.

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Some troops believed that Bin Laden's death would increase the security threat. "I think it's going to surge the insurgency," said Sgt. Jeffrey Thomas, 25. Thomas was deployed to Iraq twice before arriving at COP Bowri Tanah in January. He described his feelings at hearing the news about Bin Laden as happy and relieved. But the general mood in the military, he said, is of fatigue. "We're tired. We've been working for a long time." Bin Laden's death, said Thomas, isn't "going to change anything here. They can celebrate all they want, and it's not going to bring us home. The same thing happened in Iraq. When they found Saddam, we all thought we were going to go home. And, nope."

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