Matt, Bill, and Monica

Matt, Bill, and Monica

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Jan. 20 1998 3:30 AM

Matt, Bill, and Monica


       Here we go again. Does Matt Drudge serve a useful purpose? Do you have a right to know that Newsweek--according to Drudge and Bill Kristol--killed a story Saturday night that the president has been carrying on an Oval Office affair with a twentysomething intern? Did they? Did he?
       Could anyone in the know possibly be talking about anything else?
       Now she's been subpoenaed to testify in the Jones case, of course ...
       Should Drudge have gone with the story, David? Is the Newsweek story a story? If not Drudge, who, and why not?
       If Cokie and George and Sam and Bill get to talk about it, why shouldn't the rest of us?



This dialogue was originally based on a lawsuit filed by White House aide Sidney Blumenthal against Matt Drudge, founder and gossip columnist of theDrudge Report. The focus of the exchange has now shifted to the Clinton sex scandal story.

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