How Bush and Kerry "show leadership."
How Bush and Kerry "show leadership."
Political ads dissected and explained.
June 30 2004 6:03 PM

That's Show Biz

How Bush and Kerry "show leadership."

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"Could John Kerry have shown this leadership?" asks the narrator in the ad for the current President Bush. Of course Kerry could. Kerry knows all about showing leadership. "I've spent a lifetime fighting on these issues, showing leadership in international affairs, in military affairs and in domestic affairs," Kerry boasted in a presidential primary debate last fall. In January, Kerry was asked whether the president should "take action" against obesity. "Yes, I believe the president should take leadership—should show leadership," Kerry corrected himself.

Three months ago, an AIDS protester shouted at Kerry during a rally with Howard Dean. "This young man up here who says talk about AIDS," Kerry replied. "I'll tell you, we have a president who's done nothing but talk rather than act. And we need to do more than talk. We need to show our leadership on a global basis to respond to one of the great challenges of all of humankind." The crowd applauded. Kerry, having talked enough about acting, moved on without explaining what he would do. It was quite a show.

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