A low-rent cartoon character scares my daughter.

A low-rent cartoon character scares my daughter.

Notes on fatherhood.
July 29 2002 5:38 PM

Eek, Mickey Mouse!

A low-rent cartoon character drives six hours to scare the crap out of my daughter.

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For the next hour or so she enjoyed Mickey Mouse in a way that was new to me and I assume also to Mickey. Mickey Mouse, to Tallulah, was not an endearing character. He was a serial killer. This was Disney with a twist of lime. She'd sneak right up to him and then, when he noticed her, dash away screaming bloody murder. It was strange to see. Her mother and father can't bear scary movies, and I'll bet money that when she grows up she won't like them either. But in her current state of mind she likes nothing more than the toddler equivalent of a horror flick. If she weren't so much like every other small child, she'd be considered insane.  

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