Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Oct. 15 2010 7:14 AM


In the Oct. 15 "Politics," Richard L. Hasen misspelled the last name of New York Times writer Mike McIntire.

In an Oct. 14 "Moneybox," Timothy Noah wrote, erroneously, that in Superman II Christopher Reeve flies around the world really quickly to go back in time and save Lois Lane from the avalanche that just killed her. In fact, this scene occurs in Superman.


In the Oct. 13 "DoubleX," Sasha Watson incorrectly wrote that Thelma Schoonmaker edited all of Martin Scorsese's films. An eagle-eyed reader pointed out that Schoonmaker is not formally credited with editing several key Scorsese films, including Taxi Driver.

In the Oct. 13 "Spectator," Ron Rosenbaum misspelled the name of a rhetorical device. It'shendiadys, not hendyiasis.

In the Oct. 12 "Explainer," Brian Palmer mistakenly stated that the FBI hasn't recorded a single instance of a bulletproof vest being penetrated by a bullet it was designed to stop. In 2003, a Pennsylvania police officer was injured when his vest failed. In California, a second officer was killed by a shot to the torso while wearing a bulletproof vest, but it's not clear whether the vest failed.

In the Oct. 12 "Moneybox," Timothy Noah misidentified HAMP as the Home Affordable Unemployment Program. HAMP stands for Home Affordable Modification Program. Noah also misidentified Rep. Robert Aderholt as a congressman representing Georgia. He represents a district in Alabama.


In the Oct. 12 "Television," Matt Feeney misidentified actor Andy Whitfield as Andy Whitman.

In the Oct. 11 "Gallery" slide show, Camilo José Vergara misspelled Rosecrans Blvd.

In the Oct. 4 "Well-Traveled" John Swansburg stated that Vicksburg was the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River. Taking the Confederate position at Port Hudson was also crucial to the Union's effort to control the river. The defenders of Port Hudson surrendered after learning that Grant had taken Vicksburg. Also, due to a copy-editing error, this article incorrectly implied the military rank of Ulysses S. Grant. He was a major general during the Battle of Vicksburg.

In the Oct. 11 "DoubleX," Greg Beato misspelled Ozzie Nelson's first name.

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