Rush Limbaugh fakes stupidity.

Rush Limbaugh fakes stupidity.

Rush Limbaugh fakes stupidity.

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Oct. 25 2006 6:29 PM

Rush Limbaugh Fakes Stupidity

You may think he's dumb as a chair, but it's all an act.

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You think Rush Limbaugh is dumb enough to lay into a person for exhibiting symptoms of a debilitating disease? Come on. Nobody's that dumb. You think Rush doesn't know that over time the medications that a person takes for Parkinson's can reduce motor control rather than increase it? Oh, please. You just have to read the papers to know that when he sets his mind to it, Limbaugh can navigate his way around the PDR very adeptly, thank you very much.

Take it from me. Rush Limbaugh wants you to think he's a dumbass, a pea-brain, an absolute yutz. It's a con job. Don't fall for it.


Correction, Nov. 2, 2006: An earlier version of this column erroneously referred to Cardin as "Sen. Ben Cardin." ( Returnto the corrected sentence.)