What Cubin meant.

What Cubin meant.

What Cubin meant.

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April 15 2003 7:51 PM

What Cubin Meant: Reader Entries

They did better than Cubin herself.

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" ... or does that mean because my sons have blond hair and blue eyes that they are black? Does that mean no one in Congress can buy a gun because we're all being treated for drugs? No, of course not.  All these things are ridiculous, as is this law."

This is creative, and appealingly French, but really, you could say this about any law. It's not an argument.

Hypothesis No. 5: Cubin's sons will suffer reverse discrimination. From reader Earl Parrish:

" ... or does that mean because my sons are white they will be denied weapons to show that the system is nondiscriminatory just as little old ladies are searched at the airports for weapons and bombs?"

This is excellent. But by this logic, the amendment would discriminate against everybody. By definition, no law can discriminate against everybody.

Hypothesis No. 6: Cubin's sons won't be able to get drug treatment. From reader Mark Hubbard.

" ... or does that mean because mysons own guns, they can't be treated for drug problems?"

No law can be enforced retroactively.

Hypothesis No. 7: Cubin's sons will have to buy guns for black people. From reader Ernesto Rios:

" ... or does that mean because mysons know the three families that make up the black community in Cheyenne, they will have to buy it for them."

Ineligible because it's built on the racist assumption that blacks are drug addicts.