Larry Tribe defends Goodwin.
Larry Tribe defends Goodwin.
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March 18 2002 1:15 PM

Goodwin's Tribe

A Harvard law professor chides the Crimson for criticizing a plagiarist.

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[Correction, 4:45 p.m.: Whoops, the handbook for Harvard's freshman expository-writing course, cited above, does state a different penalty for people who commit plagiarism "out of genuine confusion." But the penalty isn't much less severeprobation rather than withdrawal, about which Harvard is obliged to tell any professional or graduate school that asks, as many, apparently, do as a matter of course. Chatterbox remains unclear how Harvard defines "genuine confusion" and whether Goodwin would qualify. For a lengthier disquisition, see Chatterbox's " Fray" posting  in response to Frayster GB, who spotted the error.]

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