Ending the plagiarism epidemic.

Ending the plagiarism epidemic.

Ending the plagiarism epidemic.

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Jan. 28 2002 4:45 PM

How To Curb the Plagiarism Epidemic

(Or, how Alice Mayhew gets her groove back.)

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I don't think it has much of a practical chance.  You should see the reluctance of academic professional organizations to deal with this question.  (And they have, at least in theory, a higher ethical stake in the matter.)  I doubt very much you're going to see a competitive industry come together to solve the problem.


But Chatterbox thinks it's within Alice Mayhew's powers to prove Mallon wrong.

[Update, Jan. 29: Chatterbox participated in a panel discussion about l'affaireAmbrose-Goodwin on the Jan. 28 PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer. The other panelists were professors of American history: Eric Foner of Columbia and Jerah Johnson of the University of New Orleans.Click here  for a transcript.]