Retract This, Please, Part 2

Retract This, Please, Part 2

Retract This, Please, Part 2

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Sept. 18 2001 4:42 PM

Retract This, Please, Part 2

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"We pray and we fight. And it is right to fight. There is no theological or moral set of principles that I know of that have any respectability that argue that we cannot fight and that we cannot punish those who have done this great evil to us."


--William Bennett on CNN's Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer, Sept. 16.

Mennonites, Quakers, and other pacifist Christian sects will presumably be interested to learn that William Bennett doesn't consider them respectable.

No. 8

"The post-Cold War interlude is over, an era of follies--OJ, Monica--and fatuities, a few of which Tuesday's horror stories cruelly underlined: employees in wheelchairs, whom Bob Dole's Americans with Disabilities Act and the various lobby groups insist can do anything able-bodied people can, found themselves trapped on the 80th floor, unable to get downstairs, unable even to do as others did and hurl themselves from the windows rather than be burned alive."

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