Skull & Bones Initiation Rites Revealed!
Skull & Bones Initiation Rites Revealed!
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April 18 2001 2:47 PM

Skull & Bones Initiation Rites Revealed!

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Followed by "Help me! It's the devil!"


And then "George W." really getting into it: "I'm gonna kill you like I killed Al Gore."

As Chatterbox observed a year ago, the twin cultures of George W. Bush's Yale--Deke on one side, Skull & Bones on the other--appear to have converged. But the plunger jokes aren't easy to reconcile with the Snapple-sipping, multiculturally hypersensitive Bones that Franklin Foer described last year in the New Republic. Perhaps Bones is retooling for the post-Clinton era. In any event, with Bones secrets spilling hither and yon, now is an inopportune moment for the makers of last year's Bones-bashing movie The Skulls (click here for Chatterbox's unfavorable review) to embark on a sequel. But that's what they're doing, according to the March 30 Yale Daily News. Instead, Chatterbox recommends that Hollywood focus on creating a new cult of paranoia surrounding the right-wing Federalist Society, which, according to stories in today's Washington Post and New York Times, has a stranglehold on the federal judiciary.