Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes
Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes
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March 8 2000 1:07 PM

Top 10 Super Tuesday Palindromes

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Do Keyes, oh? Dubya's mom say "Bud! Hose ye! KO'd!"(Andy Weiskopf, Needham, Mass.)


7th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

Harsh subnote, bad--a Geo be Cal-past;

It's a placebo, egad! A bet on Bush(s), rah!
(Steve Klevatt)

6th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

Dubya won--man on top! Did pot, no 'Nam? No way, bud. (Rick Alexander)

5th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

"Me? No, Wyly won 'em." (Matt Franklin)

4th Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

Derogatory rot: A. Gore (D). (Benjamin Zimmer, Indonesia)

3rd Best Super Tuesday Palindrome:

No ... McCain, a monomaniac? C'mon! (Benjamin Zimmer, Indonesia)

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