Another Bulletin From the Deep Throat Desk
Another Bulletin From the Deep Throat Desk
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July 26 1999 11:32 AM

Another Bulletin From the Deep Throat Desk

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I can tell you that it was not I and it is not I.


Felt told Limpert in 1974. Felt also said:

I don't think it will ever be resolved whether it was an actual person or a composite ... Very few people had access to all this information--some of it was available only at the FBI, some only at very high levels in the White House. ... I don't see that even the White House had all that information. Though possibly an Attorney General, possibly [Richard] Kleindienst.

It's very tempting to read this comment as deliberate misdirection on Felt's part. Chatterbox wonders what Felt would say now.

Do any readers happen to know where to find him?

[Update, 8/4/99: After much pestering online and by phone, Chatterbox has finally gotten The Atlantic to post on its Web site Jim Mann's watershed Deep Throat piece. Click here and wonder no more about Deep Throat's place of employment.]