The Poetry of Flytrap

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Dec. 1 1998 11:54 AM

The Poetry of Flytrap

Chatterbox, who lately has been feeling tired of everybody's opinion about Flytrap, including his own, got a second wind yesterday when he spied a paperback in a Dupont Circle bookstore called Poetry Under Oath . The book, a stocking-stuffer published in October by Workman ($5.95), renders portions of Bill Clinton's and Monica Lewinsky's Flytrap testimony as found verse. Some of these poems ("edited" by Tom Simon) strike Chatterbox as small masterpieces. "There Are No Curtains," by William Jefferson Clinton, uses repetition in a powerfully incantatory way, and ends with a haunting Prufrockian echo:


There are no curtains on the Oval Office
There are no curtains on my private office
There are no curtains or blinds that can close
The windows in my private dining room

The naval aides come and go at will.

Monica Lewinsky is not quite so skillful a versifier, but "There Was Always Kissing" has a lilt that's pleasingly reminiscent of e.e. cummings:

I think the only thing
That might be missing

Is kissing...

I mean

The physical intimacy--

There's physical intimacy

There was always--
There was always