And on the 100th Day, Change Ended

The Change-o-Meter issues its final report card.

April 28 2009 3:46 PMBad MemoriesAn understaffing at health agencies does not inspire confidence in flu response.
April 24 2009 4:44 PMTruth or SpareObama plays back and forth with torture memos yet again.
April 22 2009 2:46 PMMr. Green DreamsObama touts renewable energy on Earth Day.
April 20 2009 3:55 PMHandshake DiplomacyObama wins good headlines from the Summit of the Americas and unveils a politically risky plan to restructure bailout lending.
April 16 2009 2:54 PMCartel BusterObama empowers law-enforcement agencies to go after Mexican drug syndicates and their stateside enablers.
April 14 2009 4:22 PMDeploying Twitter to CubaObama lifts a ban on telecom companies doing business with the island nation.
April 10 2009 5:13 PMGlimmers of CautionObama remains coy about recent signs of economic recovery and sends Detroit a major order for more government vehicles.
April 8 2009 2:56 PMUnclenched FistsObama makes progress with Iran, but there's no change in cronyism at home.
April 6 2009 3:15 PMBig Crowds, Few PromisesObama wows crowds in Europe but comes back largely empty-handed.
April 2 2009 5:10 PMTV MomentObama personally brokers a deal between France and China at the G20 summit.
March 31 2009 3:48 PMThe Big EmbraceObama moves to give developing nations—and some developed ones—more influence in global decision-making.
March 27 2009 3:31 PMMessage AccomplishedObama outlines a new strategy for Afghanistan.
March 25 2009 3:06 PMBalancing ActForeign leaders criticize U.S economic plans, but the economy continues to show glimmers of hope.
March 23 2009 4:44 PMLove the Banks, Hate the BankersThe latest bailout effort strikes a dissonant chord against last week's furor.
March 19 2009 4:33 PMThe Good Flip-FlopObama abandons a plan to make private insurers pay for veterans' combat injuries.
April 27 2009 4:40 PMSignificant DigitsObama aims to dramatically revamp science education while two failing auto companies submit their roadmaps to the administration.
April 23 2009 2:13 PMProcession of the SkeletonsUgly reminders of the United States' harsh interrogations continue to come to light.
April 21 2009 5:02 PMSt. Obama of the DebtorsA planned meeting with credit card companies may not be as constructive as the administration suggests.
April 17 2009 5:18 PMDisclose and Move OnObama releases four Bush-era interrogation memos.
April 15 2009 2:37 PMNo Room for Doom and GloomObama tries to look on the bright side, but the economy just won't cooperate.
April 13 2009 12:59 PMNo Habeas Corpus for YouThe Justice Department takes a surprisingly Bushian stance on detainee challenges in U.S. courts.
April 9 2009 4:41 PMSupplemental DietObama requests $83 billion in extra spending from Congress, mostly for war funding.
April 7 2009 4:38 PMDogfights AheadThe president's defense secretary proposes slashing expensive new fighter jets from its budget, but a battle looms in Congress.
April 3 2009 5:14 PMWin Some, Lose FewerObama didn't get everything he wanted from G20, but he won enough battles to come out ahead.
April 1 2009 4:35 PMReset TimeObama reaches out to Russia and Iran while Congress starts its long nap.
March 30 2009 3:10 PMWagoner the DogObama forces out GM's chief executive in a showy but justified move.
March 26 2009 4:32 PMReturn of the Obamamaniacs Thirteen million campaign supporters are being recalled to duty in defense of the president's budget.
March 24 2009 4:05 PMHot-Air EmissionsInsults are flying in Washington while markets show a heartbeat.
March 20 2009 3:57 PMDear MahmoudObama records an open letter to Iran. "Axis of evil" it isn't.
March 18 2009 6:38 PMGoing to CaliforniaObama takes his message to the West Coast while the administration ponders a controversial parliamentary move.