The Triumph of … Liberalism?

The Triumph of … Liberalism?

The Triumph of … Liberalism?

Nov. 6 1998 3:30 AM

The Triumph of … Liberalism?

What the ballot initiatives mean.

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Prediction: Rain should suppress Democratic turnout. Republican Gov. David Beasley should win re-election, and Republican Senate candidate Bob Inglis should defeat incumbent Sen. Fritz Hollings.


Result: Fog and rain across the state, but Hollings and Democratic gubernatorial challenger Jim Hodges won.


Prediction: Showers across the state might deter Democrats, but if it stops raining in Atlanta that could be good news for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes and Democratic Senate candidate Michael Coles.

Result: Scattered showers across the state but mostly decent weather. Barnes won the governorship, but Coles lost to incumbent Sen. Paul Coverdell.


Prediction: Rain throughout the state helps Republican Jim Bunning win the Senate seat.

Result: It rained, and Bunning won narrowly.


Prediction: Dry, pleasant weather helps Democratic incumbent Sen. Harry Reid.

Result: Dry weather, and Reid eked out a victory.