The Triumph of … Liberalism?
The Triumph of … Liberalism?
Nov. 6 1998 3:30 AM

The Triumph of … Liberalism?

What the ballot initiatives mean.

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On Monday and Tuesday, in homage to the "turnout is everything" analysts, I predicted the outcome of tight races based on the USA Today weather map. Today is judgment day. How accurate was the weather forecast election forecast?


New York

Prediction: Dry weather increases Democratic turnout, and Chuck Schumer wins.

Result: Dry weather, and Schumer won.


Prediction: If it rains, devoted Republicans vote and Ellen Sauerbrey unseats Gov. Parris Glendening.

Result: It rained, but Glendening won easily.

North Carolina

Prediction: Rain should suppress Democratic turnout, and Sen. Lauch Faircloth wins re-election.

Result: It rained, but Democrat John Edwards defeated Faircloth.

South Carolina

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