Who are novelists voting for?

Who are novelists voting for?

Who are novelists voting for?

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Oct. 11 2004 6:51 PM

Roll Call

Who are novelists voting for?


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I'm voting for Kerry. Because I'm not in the U.S. much of the time, I am apt to see current events as presented in the foreign press, and they differ a lot from the way things are spun here. From there, it is painful to see our country dragged through the mud because it has a leader who appears foolish, rash, and arrogant. Even the English, our supposed allies, sneer. Guns, the auto, torture, and war. One can't disagree with the things others say about Bush, but up till now, the rest of the world tends not to blame the American people (we didn't elect him).


After the election, who knows? I understand that lots of people don't care what the rest of the world thinks, but they ought to.

And, our world reputation aside, I find Mr. Bush embarrassing.

Kerry, of course. He's the candidate whose defeat Osama Bin Laden (if he's alive) is praying for. I trust him not to pour additional gasoline on the fires that Bush has set overseas. Also, since he's a Democrat, I trust him to exercise a modicum of fiscal sanity and to show a little compassion for the unlucky. Also, his wife is hot hot hot. She'd be a first lady for the ages.

I'm voting for John Kerry because I'm tired of feeling like an alien in my own country, tired of being at the mercy of an administration that, even as it tries to get itself re-elected, exhibits on a daily basis a stunning level of arrogance, ignorance, and dishonesty. Kerry believes in a government by the people and for the people—all of the people, not just the fortunate few.

For a president who preaches democracy, Bush has an appalling lack of trust in its main tenet. My heart aches for the lost children in this pointless and unsolicited war. I can't talk politics any more with my Republican friends; they keep insisting it's all a game. They don't see that when Bush won, it was all of us who lost.