Bidenisms: A collection of the vice president's gaffes and head-slappers.

Bidenisms: A collection of the vice president's gaffes and head-slappers.

The vice president's gaffes and head-slappers.
April 9 2010 12:32 PM

This Week's Bidenisms

Collecting the vice president's gaffes and head-slappers.

Vice president Joe Biden did not produce any new Bidenisms this week, but we've gone back into the archives to fill out and deepen our collection. Please continue to send your nominations (with a link, please) to For more, and our stab at a definition, see "The Complete Bidenisms."

"An hour late, gimme a fucking break!"—Responding to the greeting of a former Senate colleague at an event to announce stimulus funding for Amtrak, Washington, D.C., March 13, 2009

Click here to listen to audio of Biden's comments.


"If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there's still a 30 percent chance we're going to get it wrong."—Predicting the administration's odds of economic success and earning a rebuke from President Obama in the process, Washington, D.C., Feb. 6, 2009

"There's nothing I can do about any other candidate in the race, I can just be the best Biden I can be."—Describing his early campaign strategy for the 2008 presidential primaries, Galivants Ferry, S.C., May 1, 2006

Click here to see video of Biden's comments.

"I didn't realize I had the press behind me! Did I say anything I shouldn't have said, guys?"—Learning that a camera had been filming an informal speech on the White House lawn, Washington, D.C., June 19, 2009

Click here to see video of Biden's comments.

"Find enough beautiful women and enough guys will show up. … The Hill newspaper is here, and they'll think that's a sexist remark."—Explaining his secret of fundraising to a group of young supporters, Washington, D.C., October 31, 2005

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