The best posts from our reader forum.
The best posts from our reader forum.
Recent posts from our readers forum.
July 11 2002 11:29 AM


The Fray was all over the place this week, perhaps suffering from summer doldrums, perhaps suffering from the Fray editor's inability to find a theme. But good posts abounded—political, cultural, and politico-cultural.


Taking his cue from Robert Weisberg, zorro proposed that we use other questionable laws to slake the public's thirst for punishing CEOs.

History guy reversed Michael Kinsley's critique of Martha Stewart, thus threatening Kinsley's cookbook sales.

Last, a do-it-myself Fray word problem: Suppose vouchers work and kids get really smart and (incidentally?) become good Christians. What happens? They become Moby, of course. Until that day arrives, The Fray has doodahman, who posted a musical tribute.

Subject: Putting Bad Laws to Use
"Jurisprudence: RICO Suave"
Jul 10 2002 8:14 a.m.

If we can extend RICO to al-Qaida, why not extend asset forfeiture laws to corporate criminals? Asset forfeiture laws state that if someone is suspected (note: not convicted) of a drug-related crime, their assets can be seized by the government on the basis that they should not be allowed to profit from the crimes of which they are suspected. Ken Lay et al. are not afraid of going to jail or even losing a lawsuit. … Asset forfeiture, on the other hand, leaves them on the street to be spit on by every former employee, stockholder, and creditor who bears a grudge. Use it before trial (remember, you only need suspicion of a crime for asset forfeiture), and their high-priced lawyers go to work for someone who can pay them. Maybe then you can even get them some real time in a real penitentiary.

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Subject: Kinsley Gets Stewart Backwards
"Readme: It's Good Enough"
history guy
Jul 3 2002 12:10 p.m.

[Kinsley writes that Marth Stewart] "does not bring to her financial affairs the punctiliousness she displays when wrapping the dog's biscuit in lace or sprinkling oatmeal with gold dust."

No, actually Stewart's ImClone stock trade was punctiliously timed. She treated her investment like a soufflé that keeps rising until it can just barely support its own weight and would collapse if left in the oven a moment longer. Taking it out too soon sacrifices very little; leaving it in too long means utter destruction.