The Great Panda Debate

The Great Panda Debate

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Dec. 9 1999 3:30 AM

The Great Panda Debate

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Good for you, David! Humans have the most annoying tendency to ascribe cutesy attributes to wild creatures. Animals, even the fluffy ones, really don't care if the whole human race lives or dies. They'd press the nuclear launch button if it got them a chunk of meat or a herring for a reward. They're not good or evil, they are just mindless slaves to instinct and the food chain. By all means enjoy them, just stop once in a while to explain to your kids that the Care Bears and Flipper aren't the real thing.


Get real, folks. You've all got people in your lives who need your attention a whole lot more than pandas do. And the difference is, they'd appreciate it.

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Subject: Plotz's Rosebud

From: Tearful

Date: Wed Dec 1

Admit it, Plotz, you still harbor resentment from when your mommy threw your teddy bear out, at age16.

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Subject: The WTO and Hobson's Choice

From: Itrucks

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