Cody Shearer
Cody Shearer
Taking stock of people and ideas in the news.
May 22 1999 3:30 AM

Cody Shearer

If he didn't exist, the vast right-wing conspiracy would have invented him.

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Cody Shearer is a man with many connections, able to convince Bosnian Serbs, Cheyennes and, unintentionally, Washington Clinton-haters that he is a player, a person who makes things happen. But he may just be a person who things happen to happen to, a guy with a penchant for pretending to be what others want to believe that he is. Every time he turns up on the scene--and even when (as in the case of Kathleen Willey) he doesn't--people ask: What's he doing here? He probably asks himself the same question.


Editor's note: Several errors in this piece as originally posted have been corrected. Click here to read a letter to the editor criticizing the original version.

A.O. Scott is a film critic at the New York Times.