Jan. 27 2000 3:30 AMDismembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker Coming soon to a bookstore near you. 
Jan. 14 2000 9:30 PMCongressional Ethics for DummiesIs it wrong for an elected official to influence the government?
Dec. 30 1999 3:30 AMComing Soon to a Newsstand Near YouThe magazine industry digs itself into a deeper niche.
Nov. 30 1999 3:30 AM In the Biblical SenseA guide to the booming Christian sex-advice industry.
Nov. 17 1999 3:30 AMFight ClubbedUltimate fighting ought to be a great American sport. Instead, cable companies, Sen. John McCain, and a squeamish public are killing it.
Nov. 5 1999 3:30 AM I, Antichrist?I'm Jewish. I'm male. I'm alive. By Jerry Falwell's standards, that puts me on the short-list of candidates.
Oct. 28 1999 3:30 AM Elephants in PinstripesRepublicans trounce Democrats, take World Series!
Oct. 20 1999 10:12 PMRep. Blanton Foghorn
Oct. 12 1999 3:30 AM Fatal AttractionThe battle for the Reform Party isn't Ventura vs. Buchanan. It's the latest installment of the centurylong war between progressives and populists.
Sept. 30 1999 3:30 AM The Party of BuchananWould today's congressional Republicans have voted to stop Hitler?
Sept. 7 1999 9:30 PMDissension in the RankingsU.S. News responds to Slate's "best colleges" story.
Aug. 24 1999 3:30 AMHail to the KingWhat Jimmy Carter has in common with Henry VI.
Aug. 18 1999 3:30 AM Defining Decay DownWhy dentists still exist.
Aug. 3 1999 3:30 AM Got Osteoporosis?Maybe all that milk you've been drinking is to blame.
July 27 1999 9:00 PMJohnny, I Hardly Knew YeJFK Jr.: My Story
Jan. 21 2000 9:30 PMPower, Meet MoneyWhy the Washington establishment ignored AOL.
Jan. 5 2000 3:30 AMBradley's Hoop SchemesThe candidate campaigns the way he used to play basketball.
Dec. 17 1999 3:30 AM The War on Video CrackWho's running the sleaziest gambling operations in America? State governments.
Nov. 23 1999 3:30 AMWhat Do You Say to a Naked Alien?For starters, ask it about its mother and father.
Nov. 16 1999 3:30 AM Know When To Hold 'Em, Know When To Log OffHow to wager on the Internet.
Oct. 30 1999 3:30 AM White-on-White CrimeIt's time to end the conspiracy of silence.
Oct. 26 1999 3:30 AM My Father's EstateThe IRS can't touch the most valuable things he left us.
Oct. 15 1999 3:30 AM FlushedWhy South Carolina killed its gambling industry.
Oct. 7 1999 3:30 AM The Torah Codes, CrackedOK, so maybe God didn't write the Bible.
Sept. 15 1999 3:30 AM Sins of the TongueBill Clinton, Ken Starr, and traditional Christian values.
Aug. 27 1999 3:30 AMScouting for BoysThe alternative lifestyle of Lord Baden-Powell, the first Boy Scout.
Aug. 20 1999 3:30 AM Library CadBill Clinton wants to build his library in Little Rock. Will Little Rock let him?
Aug. 17 1999 3:30 AM The Last WordHow it feels to finish a 10-year writing project.
July 29 1999 3:30 AM Flight StimulatorHow the government subsidizes the risky business of private aviation.
July 22 1999 3:30 AM Florida JuiceThe Sunshine State's love affair with the electric chair.