Double Take

There are four new shows about identical twins.

Aug. 25 2011 7:13 AMDorothy Burlingham's TwinsThe study that explained why it's not so wonderful to have a look-alike.
Aug. 24 2011 1:26 PMPart 1: Russ Is My Identical Twin. At Least, That's What We've Always Said …
Aug. 24 2011 3:16 AMDugon, Haus You Dinikin, Du-AhThe secrets of twin speak.
Aug. 23 2011 6:56 AMConfessions of a Twin ObsessiveBeing a singleton never seemed good enough.
Aug. 23 2011 6:54 AMYour Head on My ShoulderParasitic twins and other half-formed siblings.
Aug. 22 2011 6:51 PMA Brief History of the Double Stroller
Aug. 24 2011 1:26 PMPart 2: The Zygosity Test Results Arrive
Aug. 24 2011 3:17 AMDouble InanityTwin studies are pretty much useless.
Aug. 23 2011 6:57 AMRise of the TwinsA Slate special issue on the science, history and culture of multiple births.
Aug. 23 2011 6:55 AMA Brief History of the Double StrollerHow parents ferry their multiples, from the baby boom to today.
Aug. 23 2011 6:53 AMAre Twins Taking Over?Making sense of the dramatic rise in multiple births.