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Trump’s Nuclear Experience

In 1987, he set out to solve the world’s biggest problem.

Jan. 23 2015 11:55 AM“Where the Wings Have No Shame”What’s SkyMall culture really about?
Nov. 21 2013 11:48 PMWhy’d Oswald Do It?It may all come down to a party in Mexico City.
June 27 2013 7:32 AMSalinger, the Swamis, and the SecretsNew letters shed light on J.D. Salinger’s spiritual life—and reinforce the need for his estate to come clean about what, if any, works remain locked in the vault.
April 10 2013 2:00 PMPhilby and OswaldThe truth is still out there.
Dec. 27 2012 12:16 PMShould You Go To Grad School?My story.
Oct. 19 2012 5:44 PMGeorge McGovern Was a WinnerHis 1972 campaign was the most lopsided loss in presidential history. But this man was no loser.
Aug. 24 2012 4:20 AMA New SlurCalling people "Holocaust-obsessed" is the new holocaust denial.
June 26 2012 5:09 PMDon’t Hate This ManRalph Nader is still a hero.
April 27 2012 6:06 PMA Challenge to Robert RedfordWill his new documentary explain whether Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in?
Feb. 6 2012 2:54 PMShut Your Mouth, Chris ChristieThe whole Jersey fat-guy authenticity thing is over.
Nov. 17 2011 4:26 PMA Moment of BeautyI’m so happy I found Lucinda Williams’ “I’m So Happy I Found You”
Oct. 7 2011 4:19 PMSteve Jobs and MeHe said my 1971 article inspired him. His iBook obsessed me.
Sept. 30 2011 4:24 PMThe End of Evil?
Neuroscientists suggest there is no such thing. Are they right?
Aug. 2 2011 12:57 PMSeeing Catch-22 TwiceThe awful truth people miss about Heller's great novel.
June 24 2011 3:30 PMNew York Women Have Evolved Into a Higher SpeciesMen should welcome the new Times pick for editor.
Aug. 25 2014 2:16 PMThe Real #GenocideinGazaIt’s the one Hamas hopes to perpetrate on the Jews.
Sept. 12 2013 11:05 AMHe’s Not Holden!The one big mistake people make about Salinger and Catcher in the Rye.
April 26 2013 5:41 AM“The Insane Root That Takes the Reason Prisoner”Macbeth, Boston, and the two paradoxes of evil.
Feb. 13 2013 5:30 AMIs Jane Austen Overhyped?Evaluating her literary merit amid the anniversary reverence.
Nov. 9 2012 6:29 PMHow Bruce Springsteen Elected Barack ObamaSandy, Snooki, Christie, Bruce, and Barack.
Oct. 8 2012 3:50 AMIs the Republican Party Racist?It depends on race-baiting tactics and the votes of former Confederate states.
July 23 2012 2:53 PMHas the Meaning of Nothing Changed?In his quest to understand the origins of the universe, Jim Holt stands up for the big 0.
May 28 2012 6:45 AMDoes Love Survive Loss?Auden and Larkin each wrote powerful lines about love—and then had grave doubts about them. Why?
March 14 2012 4:54 PMSix Questions About the Nuclear Crisis in the Middle EastThe emotional factors, and the scientific ones.
Dec. 23 2011 3:02 PMCatchphrase ExecutionerBad sex jargon, horrible “occupy” jokes, and other terrible things we said this year.
Oct. 27 2011 11:46 AM10 Things I Hate About AnonymousAnd the stupid Shakespearean birther cult behind it.
Oct. 7 2011 4:19 PM“Secrets of the Little Blue Box”The 1971 article about phone hacking that inspired Steve Jobs.
Sept. 1 2011 7:23 PMThe Novel That Explains the Moment We're InBUtterfield 8 and the fear of a new Depression.
July 1 2011 4:55 PMYale's New Jewish QuotaThe university's shameful decision to kill its anti-Semitism institute.
June 1 2011 5:29 PMSave the Condé Nast Maidens!Don't lock them up in the WTC Tower of Terror.