The Spectator
The Spectator
Feb. 14 2008 4:22 PMHillary I vs. Hillary IIRichard Nixon returns from the grave to haunt Clinton and remind us of the costs of unresolved history.
Jan. 16 2008 6:18 PMDmitri's ChoiceNabokov wanted his final, unfinished work destroyed. Should his son get out the matches?
Dec. 14 2007 10:56 AMThe Best Joni Mitchell Song EverAn ode to obsessive listening.
Nov. 12 2007 3:34 PMIn Defense of Obama's PatriotismA dissent on the pledge.
Oct. 19 2007 2:23 PMWho Will Rule Us After the Next 9/11?The reality of NSPD-51 is almost as bad as the paranoia.
Sept. 19 2007 7:00 PMThe Israel Lobby and the Second Holocaust DebateAn emblematic error in a controversial book.
Aug. 14 2007 5:38 PMThe Worst Op-Ed Ever Written?A professor makes you feel sorry for Starbucks.
July 16 2007 7:20 AMAlger Hiss Rides AgainSpy case erupts; defenders turn to Nixonian tactics.
June 1 2007 5:29 PMThe Return of the Magic BulletTwo new JFK books clash over conspiracy theory.
May 4 2007 3:59 PMAbu Ghraib, Virginia Tech, The Sopranos, TarantinoTrapped in the fog of media violence.
March 21 2007 4:37 PMThe Hostile New Age Takeover of YogaThere's nothing worse than narcissism posing as humility.
Jan. 30 2008 6:20 PMIn Defense of IncandescenceCongress bans beauty as an environmental hazard.
Dec. 27 2007 3:10 PMWhere Is the Schmaltz of Yesteryear?Christmas Eve in a Jewish deli.
Nov. 29 2007 6:07 PMTalkin' World War IIIThe return of the repressed.
Nov. 2 2007 2:55 PMA Tale of Two ComicsMeet the anti-Seinfeld, Jerry's brilliant, twisted, evil twin.
Oct. 4 2007 10:54 AMMagazines, Bring Back the Write-Around!Regain your dignity with this secret weapon.
Aug. 31 2007 3:52 PMThe Return of the Doomsday Machine?Please don't count on me to save the world again.
Aug. 1 2007 1:40 PMGetting Comfy With GenocideIs the word losing its power to shock us into action?
June 19 2007 5:37 PMThe Worst Celebrity Profile Ever Written?Angelina Jolie, "the best woman in the world."
May 18 2007 3:00 PMCancer Comes to Country MusicOld-fashioned tear-jerking or emotional porn?
April 3 2007 6:35 PMSaul Bellow and the Bad FishA new way of explaining the genius of Ravelstein.
March 6 2007 3:52 PMThe Last Temptation of Norman MailerWhat will he make of "Hitler's Chappaquiddick"?