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The Spectator
Aug. 21 2009 4:14 PMWill the Pentagon Thwart Obama's Dream of Zero?How serious is the president about nuclear disarmament?
June 17 2009 3:56 PMThe Best Way To Speak ShakespeareIt will make you catch your breath.
May 22 2009 1:10 PM2012: Tsunami of StupidityWhy the latest apocalyptic cult is a silly scam.
April 2 2009 6:47 AMShould We Care What Shakespeare Did in Bed?The controversy over a sexy new portrait.
March 2 2009 1:55 PMNot the Usual SuspectsThree detective novels that restore pleasure to reading.
Jan. 23 2009 7:23 PMThe Worst Pop Singer Ever Why, exactly, is Billy Joel so bad?
Dec. 18 2008 7:14 PMWhere Are the Jewish Gangsters of Yesteryear? Or, what we can learn about "respectability" from Bernie Madoff and Meyer Lansky.
Nov. 28 2008 7:07 AMEverything You Need to Know About Hitler’s “Missing” TesticleAnd why we’re so obsessed with the führer’s sex life.
Oct. 24 2008 7:34 PMThe Opera's New ClothesWhy I walked out of Doctor Atomic.
Sept. 23 2008 5:02 PMShakespeare's Bootlegger, Dylan's Biographer, Nabokov, and MeWhen should an unauthorized version be authorized?
Aug. 20 2008 11:49 AMCrossword, Sudoku Plague Threatens America!The puzzle of puzzle people.
July 18 2008 7:24 AMThe Good RatThe Dostoyevskian pleasures of Jimmy Breslin.
June 12 2008 3:15 PMAre Those Shakespeare's "Balls"?Should "A Lover's Complaint" be kicked out of the canon?
May 9 2008 2:33 PMA Real Nuclear Option for the NomineesAverting "inadvertent" war in two easy steps.
March 25 2008 1:46 PMWelcome to the Hotel HiroshimaHas the ground zero of the nuclear age become too "normal"?
July 24 2009 7:08 AMAn Open Letter to Jon StewartBring back Leibowitz!
June 5 2009 6:01 PMSave the Salinger Archives! Even if we have to save them from Salinger himself.
May 8 2009 11:59 AMThe New Nuke PornOur nuclear fantasies have gotten more hard-core.
March 13 2009 1:52 PMChoctaw BingoA modest proposal for a new national anthem.
Feb. 9 2009 10:41 AMDon't Give an Oscar to The ReaderWe don't need another "redemptive" Holocaust movie.
Jan. 9 2009 5:12 PMThe Letter of Last ResortThe decision about nuclear apocalypse lying in a safe at the bottom of the sea.
Dec. 10 2008 6:17 PMGive the Guy a Butt!Let Obama smoke in the White House.
Nov. 11 2008 7:06 PMThe Good Life of a New-Media GuruIs Jeff Jarvis gloating too much about the death of print?
Oct. 9 2008 12:28 PMThe Bloomberg SyndromeThe New York mayor's power grab is a symptom of a national problem.
Sept. 5 2008 5:48 PMNew Literary Art Form Discovered!In praise of the praise of poetry.
Aug. 8 2008 6:09 PMThe Columbia Journalism Review's Division Over DissentIs global warming now beyond debate?
June 27 2008 7:49 PMNotes on CatchWhich catchphrases should be "thrown under the bus"?
May 22 2008 5:34 PMIn Praise of Liberal GuiltIt's not wrong to favor Obama because of race.
April 10 2008 2:22 PMFrom Slo-Mo to No-MoErrol Morris and the strange power of superslow motion.
Feb. 27 2008 7:57 PMThe Fate of Nabokov's Laura, Part IIDmitri turns to his dead father for advice on whether to burn the manuscript.