The Slate 60 Huffington Virtue Remix: Results (Condensed)
Analysis of the year's biggest philanthropists.
March 3 2000 4:50 AM


Adjusted Slate 60 rankOriginal Slate 60 rankDonorGross DonationsAdjustment FactorAdjusted Donations
11Bill and Melinda Gates$2,000,500,000-7.60%$1,847,150,000
23Warren E. and Susan Buffett$134,000,000-12.00%$117,920,000
34 (tie)Kenan E. Sahin$100,000,0000.00%$100,000,000
44 (tie)R.E."Ted"" Turner"$100,000,000-7.00%$93,000,000
52James H. Clark$150,000,000-40.00%$90,000,000
67Frederick A. and Sharon Klingenstein$75,000,000-2.00%$73,500,000
78Steve and Michelle Kirsch$70,000,0000.00%$70,000,000
86Audrey Jones Beck$80,000,000-19.00%$64,800,000
911Peter B. Lewis$59,800,000-0.80%$59,320,000
109 (tie)Frank Batten Sr.$60,000,000-2.00%$58,800,000
11 (tie)12 (tie)Thomas Monaghan$50,000,0000.00%$50,000,000
11 (tie)12 (tie)Henry and Susan Samueli$50,000,0000.00%$50,000,000
1312 (tie)Josephine Clay Ford, Richard A. Mangoogian, and A. Alfred Taubman$50,000,000-2.00%$49,000,000
1417Jeff Skoll$47,500,0000.00%$47,500,000
1518Alice and Leonard Samuel Skaggs Jr.$42,000,00010.00%$46,200,000
1612 (tie)W. Jerome Frautschi$50,000,000-10.00%$45,000,000
1712 (tie)Elmer E. Rasmuson$50,000,000-20.00%$40,000,000
1819Steve and Jean Case$39,000,000-1.79%$38,300,000
1923 (tie)Ron Burkle, Ted Fortsmann, and John Walton$30,000,00013.00%$33,900,000
2020Irwin Helford$36,000,000-10.00%$32,400,000
2122Alberto W. Vilar$32,000,000-10.60%$28,600,000
2221Edmund T. Pratt Jr.$35,000,000-25.00%$26,250,000
2327 (tie)Walter J. Klein$25,000,0000.00%$25,000,000
24 (tie)27 (tie)David H. Koch$25,000,000-7.00%$23,250,000
24 (tie)27 (tie)Jane Bradley Pettit$25,000,000-7.00%$23,250,000
2626Joe and Teresa Long$26,200,000-15.20%$22,200,000
27 (tie)23 (tie)A. Alfred Taubman$30,000,000-27.00%$21,900,000
27 (tie)23 (tie)Henry B. Tippie$30,000,000-27.00%$21,900,000
29 (tie)27 (tie)Alvin J. and Ruth Siteman$25,000,000-15.00%$21,250,000
29 (tie)27 (tie)Flora L. Thornton$25,000,000-15.00%$21,250,000
3135Raymond Neag$23,000,000-10.80%$20,500,000
32 (tie)36 (tie)Bernard Gordon$20,000,0000.00%$20,000,000
32 (tie)36 (tie)Verne A. Willaman$20,000,0000.00%$20,000,000
3447 (tie)Craig and Susan McCaw$15,000,00025.00%$18,750,000
3527 (tie)The Milken Family Foundation$25,000,000-27.00%$18,250,000
36 (tie)9 (tie)Steven Ferencz Udvar-Hazy$60,000,000-70.00%$18,000,000
36 (tie)36 (tie)Joseph Jacobs$20,000,000-10.00%$18,000,000
36 (tie)44 (tie)Glorya Kaufman$18,000,0000.00%$18,000,000
3927 (tie)Robert E. and Margie Petersen$25,000,000-29.00%$17,750,000
4036 (tie)Maida and George Abrams$20,000,000-12.00%$17,600,000
4147 (tie)Kirk Kerkorian$15,000,00010.00%$16,500,000
4246Robert and Janice McNair$17,500,000-10.00%$15,750,000
43 (tie)47 (tie)Judson H. Kroeze$15,000,0000.00%$15,000,000
43 (tie)47 (tie)Elkin B., Donna, and Kerry McCallum"$15,000,0000.00%$15,000,000
43 (tie)47 (tie)Stanford N. Phelps$15,000,0000.00%$15,000,000
43 (tie)47 (tie)Clarice Smith$15,000,0000.00%$15,000,000
43 (tie)47 (tie)George Soros$15,000,0000.00%$15,000,000
4836 (tie)Robert G. Mondavi$20,000,000-30.00%$14,000,000
49 (tie)47 (tie)Doris and Jay Christopher$15,000,000-10.00%$13,500,000
49 (tie)47 (tie)Richard B. and Jeanne Donovan Fisher$15,000,000-10.00%$13,500,000
49 (tie)47 (tie)Kemmons Wilson$15,000,000-10.00%$13,500,000
5247 (tie)Cyrus and Myrtle Katzen$15,000,000-10.60%$13,400,000
53 (tie)36 (tie)William Davidson$20,000,000-35.00%$13,000,000
53 (tie)36 (tie)Richard J. Solove$20,000,000-35.00%$13,000,000
5547 (tie)Elton B. and James T. Stephens$15,000,000-17.00%$12,450,000
5636 (tie)Carl Icahn$20,000,000-40.00%$12,000,000
57 (tie)27 (tie)William A. and Joan Porter$25,000,000-55.00%$11,250,000
57 (tie)47 (tie)Daniel Koshland$15,000,000-25.00%$11,250,000
57 (tie)47 (tie)H. Stephen Stehane$15,000,000-25.00%$11,250,000
6044 (tie)Gregory C. Carr$18,000,000-40.00%$10,800,000
6147 (tie)Arthur M. Blank Family$15,000,000-32.00%$10,200,000



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