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The Hive
Sept. 17 2012 3:31 AMMade in AmericaHow Can We Reinvent American Manufacturing?
July 19 2012 12:34 PMWe the People of Slate ...The U.S. Constitution, as you rewrote it.
June 29 2012 7:15 AMSlate Readers’ Brilliant Ideas To Fix Science EducationShowcase research in public, put cool engineer characters on TV, and more.
June 25 2012 8:15 AM"With Great Delicacy & Tenderness" Improving on the Constitution's protection of religious freedom.
June 21 2012 9:45 AMBalanced ChecksIt should take two-thirds of the Supreme Court to stop Congress.
June 20 2012 10:00 AMFire the Bail BondsmenLet's amend the Constitution to put them out of business.
June 19 2012 7:45 AMAbolish the Death Penalty and the Supermax, TooUpdating the ban against cruel and unusual punishment.
June 16 2012 7:07 PM"Upon the People Alone"How to end the corrupting influence of our domestic princes.
June 14 2012 10:46 AMThe Missing Right To VoteWhat we'd get from amending the Constitution to guarantee it.
June 13 2012 2:23 PMThe Once-and-for-All Solution to Our Campaign Finance ProblemsHow citizens can unite to undo Citizens United.
June 11 2012 4:09 PMRuling the FutureA clever way to force Congress to come up with better rules for itself, starting with the filibuster.
June 8 2012 7:15 AMThe Constitution's Father Knows BestJames Madison would want us to restore the power of Congress to make war.
June 5 2012 6:45 AMPicking the People's LawyerLet's amend the Constitution to elect the attorney general.
June 1 2012 1:31 PMSafe DataAmending the Constitution to protect informational privacy.
May 30 2012 12:52 PMThe Ultimate Small-Business Cheat SheetPresenting Slate readers' 10 best nuggets of entrepreneurship advice.
Sept. 14 2012 1:08 PMAmerica's Food FactoriesWhy making a Chipotle burrito or a McDonald's Big Mac should be considered manufacturing.
July 5 2012 5:37 PMThe Winners of Constitution SmackdownSlate readers' best ideas for fixing the Constitution.
June 26 2012 3:36 PMSaving ObamacareHow to update the Constitution's approach to limiting federal power.
June 22 2012 9:30 AMWhere's the Party?The Constitution should make party primaries open to all voters.
June 21 2012 7:15 AMWho Will Save Us From the Courts?We will! How to break the judicial stranglehold on constitutional interpretation.
June 20 2012 7:15 AMPlaying Double JeopardyHow to strengthen the Constitution's protection against being tried twice for the same crime.
June 18 2012 6:15 AMThe Kickstarter RecessionIf crowdfunding is too successful, the economy may suffer in surprising ways.
June 15 2012 7:59 PM Standing for VictimsThey need their own Constitutional amendment.
June 14 2012 10:05 AMEnd the Voting WarsTake our elections out of the hands of the partisan and the incompetent.
June 12 2012 1:42 PMIn Sickness and in HealthThe Constitution should give Americans the right to basic health care.
June 8 2012 7:30 AMThe 18-Year BenchLinda Greenhouse calls for Supreme Court term limits.
June 6 2012 7:05 AMThe Fast-Track PresidencyWhy is it so complicated to move up the date of Inauguration Day?
June 4 2012 1:44 PMWe the People Rise AgainHow could we (prudently) amend the Constitution by national referendum?
May 31 2012 6:15 AMSave the JuryHow to amend the Constitution to make the criminal justice system more fair.
May 30 2012 12:28 PMThe Ultimate Small-Business Cheat SheetPresenting Slate readers' 10 best nuggets of entrepreneurship advice.