Strictly Platonic
Strictly Platonic

Jeff Responds …

A platonic friendship, from the man's perspective.

Oct. 1 2010 7:17 AMEpilogue: Till Love Do Us PartWhat will happen to my friendship with Jeff in the years to come?
Sept. 30 2010 6:53 AMNothing To Be Friends AboutBefore the 20th century, friendship was single-sex.
Sept. 28 2010 7:14 AMHarry and SallyIn Hollywood movies, men and women are never "just friends."
Sept. 27 2010 6:59 AMJeff & JulietA new kind of friendship.
Oct. 1 2010 7:16 AMProfane Friendship Why the very concept of male-female friendship makes people uncomfortable.
Sept. 29 2010 7:05 AMThe Sex PartCan men and womenreally be friends?
Sept. 27 2010 7:00 AMWhat's Plato Got To Do With It?The origins of the term platonic friendship.