George Lucas, the Rolling Stones, Joe Paterno, and other celebrities who should retire immediately.
George Lucas, the Rolling Stones, Joe Paterno, and other celebrities who should retire immediately.
All you need to know about retirement.
Feb. 4 2011 12:26 PM

You Should Retire Too, George Lucas

The Rolling Stones, Joe Paterno, Dustin Hoffman, and other luminaries who should call it quits immediately, according Slatereaders.

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John McCain. Click image to expand.
John McCain

John McCain. Readers were fed up with what they saw as the 74-year-old Arizona senator's pandering to the right in order to win another term. Upon his return to the senate, McCain fought the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"—making part of his legacy a belief that patriotic gay and lesbian service members should have their military careers wrecked. But most of all, people wanted McCain to slip away because of his slip in judgment for foisting into the national spotlight a once-obscure Alaskan governor.

Dustin Hoffman. Reader Bryan Harris observes of the 73-year-old actor: "Hoffman thinks he's a master thespian who disappears into any role, but every time I see him, I'm always aware that it's him in a funny costume, 'acting.' "


The Comics Page. The newspaper comic's page resembles nothing so much as a hereditary autocracy. Blondie started in 1930 and was drawn for 43 years by Chic Young, until his death, when his son, Dean, took over. Johnny Hart drew the strip B.C. for almost 50 years before succumbing at his drawing board, and it was taken over by Hart's daughter and grandsons. Beetle Bailey started in 1950 and is still drawn by 87-year-old Mort Walker. The Family Circus was started in 1960 by Bil Keane, now 88, who still draws it along with his son, Jeff. All this newspaper real-estate cluttered with aging relics frustrates comics fan Jennifer Bertoni, who points out that one widely syndicated strip, Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz, is drawn by a dead person.

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