Silver Lining
Silver Lining

Please Take the Gold Watch. Please!

The abolition of mandatory retirement, and how it changed America in unexpected ways.

March 24 2011 7:00 AMRetirement EntrepreneursThey may live in "Leisure World," but these clever, ambitious retirees have figured out how to make money by turning their neighbors into customers.
Feb. 24 2011 11:47 AMSlow Ride, Take It EasyThe astonishing rise of golf carts, and how they have improved retirement.
Jan. 25 2011 7:08 AMWoody Allen, It's Time To Go Regis Philbin and Joe Lieberman are retiring: Who else should call it quits before it's too late?
July 11 2002 1:53 PMWoody Allen, It's Time To Go
March 10 2011 4:19 PMDon't Stop Working!What's the secret to living longer and being healthier? Keep doing useful work.
Feb. 4 2011 12:26 PMYou Should Retire Too, George LucasThe Rolling Stones, Joe Paterno, Dustin Hoffman, and other luminaries who should call it quits immediately, according Slatereaders.
Jan. 7 2011 4:02 PMIt's Not The Golden GirlsWhat the Retirement Living cable channel can tell us about how the boomers are changing retirement.