The best bee sting remedies.

The best bee sting remedies.

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Sept. 29 2003 10:51 AM

Sting Operation

What's the best remedy for a bee sting?

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So, how did the home remedies stack up against the pharmaceutical offerings? It depends on the home, I guess. The worst home remedies were worse than the worst pharmaceuticals, and the best home remedies better than the best pharmaceuticals. The Caladryl was the sole pharmaceutical remedy I'd use again. If I had to leave the house to go get it, though, I'd buy the meat tenderizer instead and use it in the vinegar/baking soda paste. Yet why bother with either of those when you already use, on a daily basis, the two best bee sting remedies? The winners: toothpaste and ice.

Chip Brantley is the author of The Perfect Fruit, a book about pluots.