The best—and cheapest—way to buy roses online.
The best—and cheapest—way to buy roses online.
How to be the best consumer you can be.
Feb. 10 2003 3:43 PM

War of the Web Roses

What's the best way to buy roses online?

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While the thought of my husband actually inside a flower shop surveying the goods and discussing what I might like with a florist is very romantic and Wharton-esque, it is also pretty Wharton-esque to have a lovely box filled with carefully displayed roses delivered to your door. That's what these last two services ( and were like. And it's remarkable that a package of fresh, gorgeous roses, cut to order, costs nearly half as much as inferior roses from a national florist service that could easily be a week old.

Some last pieces of advice: Buy from places that ship directly from the farm to you and use overnight delivery services. Use the floral food they send, and cut the stems while they're submerged in a sink full of tepid water. If the flowers droop, submerge the whole flower in tepid water for about 20 minutes, and re-cut the stems. And order now before the prices go up again.

Deborah Needleman is the editor in chief of WSJ Magazine and the author of The Perfectly Imperfect Home.