The 2016 Slate Gift Guide Is Here!

Ideas for everyone on your list from the staff of Slate.

Sept. 2 2016 5:53 AMHow Herschel HappenedThe making of the now-ubiquitous heritage backpack brand.
April 9 2012 6:15 AMLike My Socks? They Cost $200.The strange world of outlandishly expensive hosiery for men.
Oct. 12 2011 4:57 AMWater, Water EverywhereWhat’s the best-tasting kind of water?
June 28 2011 7:04 AMMy Groupon WeekWhat I learned by living off Internet coupons for seven straight days.
March 17 2011 10:10 AMDo I Hear $500 for the White Ford SUV Parts?Shopping at a police auction.
March 8 2011 1:03 PMCoffee TalkWhich chain brews the best cup? Starbucks, McDonald's, or Dunkin'?
Nov. 2 2010 10:32 AMTo Sip, Perchance To DreamTesting out "relaxation beverages" like Drank and iChill.
June 8 2010 1:47 PMTesting, Testing … 1, 2, 3?Which (cheap) digital audio recorder works best?
March 16 2010 7:12 AMThe Taxman ComethMy search for the best online tax-prep service on the market.
Jan. 26 2010 9:31 AMThe Whiz KidSearching for the best potty chair on the market.
Dec. 15 2009 12:42 PMChanel Handbags, iPod Nanos, and Decorative TissuesWhat Esquire, Hooters, Wired, and other magazines recommend you give for Christmas.
Oct. 27 2009 7:32 AMSupermarket Sweep Using coupons to get free groceries.
Sept. 15 2009 6:57 AMMr. MannersCan a book teach you how to be a man?
Aug. 25 2009 10:13 AMI Want To Ride My ($1,400, Dutch-Style) BicycleTesting out bikes for the urban environment.
July 21 2009 10:00 AMSippin' On Milk and JuiceThe best sippy cups for kids.
Aug. 15 2012 4:05 AMTwo Scoops, Hold the DairyWhat’s the best vegan ice cream?
Feb. 23 2012 7:25 AMCandy Buffets, Ant Farms for Robots, and Angry BirdsAn evening at the Toy of the Year Awards.
Sept. 13 2011 5:11 PMHot CollarsI got three custom shirts online. I'll never buy off the rack again.
June 17 2011 7:14 AMWhich Bank-Breaking Stroller Is Best?The Orbit G2, the Bugaboo Donkey, and other ludicrously expensive strollers, reviewed.
March 11 2011 3:34 PMHow To Survive an EarthquakeWhat you need to buy to prepare for the Big One.
Feb. 1 2011 10:11 AMThis Porridge Is Just RightWhat's the best fast-food oatmeal—McDonald's, Starbucks, or Au Bon Pain?
Oct. 1 2010 12:14 PMPomegranate Juice, $9.99; Truffle Oil, $25.99 ...Shopping for the most expensive possible dinner for two at Whole Foods.
March 30 2010 10:05 AMA Moveable FeastSearching for the best adult lunchboxes on the market.
Feb. 16 2010 1:30 PMRead This in Case of EmergencyCan a book teach you how to survive?
Dec. 19 2009 7:56 AMOne Gift To Bind Them AllStreamline your holiday shopping by purchasing the same present for everyone on your list.
Nov. 10 2009 9:30 AMLoafing AroundThe search for the best automated breadmaker
Oct. 6 2009 10:09 AMYoplaited OutThe search for a better yogurt.
Sept. 1 2009 9:53 AMBlown AwayWhat's the best bubble-blower on the market?
Aug. 4 2009 9:30 AMCoffee TalkWhich chain brews the best cup? Starbucks, McDonald's, or Dunkin'?
June 30 2009 9:59 AMTo Do: Make To-Do ListTrying to get organized with Web-based task managers.