"The Entrepreneur" Speaks

"The Entrepreneur" Speaks

"The Entrepreneur" Speaks

Exploring the "Nobel Prize sperm bank."
Feb. 13 2001 3:00 AM

"The Entrepreneur" Speaks

A donor tells why he gave the Repository for Germinal Choice his Grade A sperm.

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They told me I was very popular. In 1987, I think, they said there were three or four already. But I never asked after that.


Why not?

The repository was perfect for me because I was not responsible for the kids. I really did not care. That is why I did not want to know how many kids I had.

I have not had children. I have never been interested in children. I acknowledged it and decided not to have the child suffer my disinterest. I left home very, very young. I left home after high school and never went back.

So you never think of your repository kids?

No, I guess I don't think of them. They are so anonymous to me—I guess because I have never been really interested in children anyway. I never followed up that much.

But you believe in genes, so don't you want to know if the sperm bank kids ended up like you? 

Not really. Because Graham would give no indication of who the mother was—absolutely nothing, not even in a general sense. So you never knew half the quotient, so it's hard to think what the kids would be like. It would have been more interesting to me if he had gotten a little bit more profile on the mother.

Are you afraid that one of the kids might manage to find you?

I would expect that they destroyed any documentation on that. But I might be thrilled. It would be nice to have it all turn out well. I would probably get immediately emotionally involved. It might be a bit of a kick.

If you, too, have a connection to the Repository for Germinal Choice—whether as a donor, client, child, or employee—and you would like to share your story anonymously, please contact me by e-mail at plotzd@slate.comor by  phone at (202) 862-4889.