Rural Life
Rural Life

The Story of Rose

A border collie and a newborn lamb in a blizzard.

May 2 2012 6:17 AMThe Fox on Bedlam FarmThe fox attacked the chickens. The donkeys attacked the fox. I grabbed my gun. …
June 25 2008 6:55 AMMy Dog Has a Crush on My RamA love story.
June 27 2007 7:02 AMThat's What I Like About EweMost of my sheep are, well, sheep. But then there's No. 57.
May 4 2007 12:36 PMWhy I Shot My LambAnd why I want to shoot my neighbor's lamb, too.
Feb. 26 2007 1:31 PMHenrietta, Chicken of MysteryMy hen is aggressive, audacious, curious, sociable, and baffling.
Aug. 4 2006 1:07 PMSnow White vs. the MonsterWhat happened when four birds got trapped in my wood stove.
April 28 2006 6:15 AMThe World's Smartest CowWhat my steer, Elvis, has taught me.
Nov. 26 2008 6:55 AMHoly Cow!What my 3,000-pound steer has taught me about faith.
Feb. 18 2008 3:01 PMGetting My GoatMy three goats won't stop jeering me, and I love them for it.
June 4 2007 4:28 PMHenrietta Is DeadSaying goodbye to my aggressive, curious, sociable, baffling chicken.
April 11 2007 12:19 PMThe Donkey Who Couldn't Stand UpWhat happened when Lulu fell during an ice storm.
Dec. 11 2006 12:03 PMThe Bride of FrankensteerMy 2,000-pound steer falls in love.
May 29 2006 7:10 AMGrunt and GrumbleWhy do men in the country talk that way?
March 30 2006 5:44 AMCock a Doodle DoThe story of Winston, the rooster who wouldn't die.