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Winning the Right to Ride

How D.C.’s streetcars became an early battleground for post-emancipation civil rights.

Jan. 16 2018 9:52 AMA Coup in North CarolinaHow white supremacists overthrew Wilmington’s legally elected city government.
Dec. 21 2017 1:47 PMA Radical Right to HappinessThe 19th-century fight over theatergoing that revolutionized human rights.
Dec. 8 2017 7:20 AMThe Oppressor’s BookshelfAs formerly enslaved Americans battled to become literate, the only books available to them were written by white supremacists and condescending abolitionists.
Nov. 28 2017 11:52 AMA Revolution Comes HomeHow wage relations evolved after emancipation compelled slave owners to pay the domestic workers they had once enslaved.
Nov. 8 2017 2:11 PMHow Andrew Johnson Doomed the Roanoke Island Freedmen’s ColonyAmid flailing efforts to secure land for former slaves, the new president ruthlessly prioritized Confederate resettlement over the advancement of freed people.
Oct. 27 2017 5:57 AMWhat Happened to the Plantations?How freedpeople pursued the dream of land ownership during Reconstruction, and how they were denied.
Oct. 27 2017 5:55 AMA Timeline of ReconstructionA Slate Academy guide to the key events that defined America from 1863 through 1883.
Dec. 29 2017 5:00 AMWhen Tyranny HappenedThe federal government’s legalization of racial violence after the Civil War.
Dec. 14 2017 5:22 PMThe Smearing of America’s First Black LegislatorsHow corrupt was politics in the Reconstruction era?
Nov. 30 2017 3:32 PMThe Roots of Jim CrowHow the Supreme Court failed to protect Black Americans’ hard-won rights of citizenship during Reconstruction.
Nov. 9 2017 3:10 PMWhat It TakesThe freedmen and Radical Republicans who managed to win power in local governments during Reconstruction.
Nov. 1 2017 3:48 PMHow Homesteading FailedAfter Emancipation, it was circumstance—not citizenship—that enabled freedmen in Klan-run Alabama to acquire the land they had worked in bondage.
Oct. 27 2017 5:56 AMIntroducing ReconstructionOur new Slate Academy finds the seeds of our present politics in the period after the Civil War.